To read first: Use Ava to caption 1-1 discussion

If hearing people often don't understand your voice, or you chose not to use it, Ava can speak the words you type so you can be heard.

To activate Ava Speak:

  1. Tap on the keyboard icon on the bottom-left corner
  2. Type your answer on the keyboard. It will show as Instant Text, character by character. If you're in a Group Conversation, all Ava participants can see what you say with no delay!
  3. If you want Ava to voice your answers, press the voice icon, left above the keyboard, to turn on Ava Speak
  4. Complete your answer or just voice right away by pressing "Return" or "Enter"
  5. You can turn off Ava Speak by just pressing on the icon again


  • Check that the volume of your phone is enabled and to the maximum to be heard.
  • You type a lot with Ava? Want to speed up the typing pace? This is for you!

A Bluetooth Keyboard enables you to type your messages faster, anywhere you go.

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