This guide will show you step-by-step how to setup your personal captioner for every situation of your daily life.

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To use Ava, you will need:

  • a smartphone or a tablet, iOS or Android but not Windows, and setup in the countries Ava is available in.
  • a mobile number to receive text messages (not landline, not VP phone).
  • an Internet connection (mobile data or Wifi)

Step 1. Download Ava on your phone

  • Go on or search "Ava communicate" in your App store.
  • In the store, tap "Get", enter the App store password if needed, and wait for the download to finish. 
  • When the download is done (it can take a minute), tap "Open" to open Ava.

Step 2. Create your Ava account

If you are trying to join a friend/coworker/relative on Ava, or a location (a conference, church, store, class or any room equipped with Ava), read this article

You will need to have an Ava account to have captioned conversations anytime you need to. This account will be uniquely associated to your phone number, and to your Ava Name, that you can choose. It is the one that will be used to invite other people to discuss with you when they also downloaded Ava.

  • Start by tapping Set up your Ava account
  • You will have the option to continue with Facebook, work email or phone number.
  • If you choose the phone number: you will be asked to enter your Phone Number. If you don't live in the United States, press US +1 to choose another country. Otherwise, type your mobile phone number.
  • Tap the green arrow to validate your phone number, and check the number is correct. If it is, press Send.
  • Wait a few seconds, until a verification code is sent to you by text message. Go to your Message app if you don't see a text message after 30 seconds. The message you're looking for should say something like: "XXXXXX is your verification code for Ava - 24/7 Accessible Life." where XXXXXX is your code. If you cannot find the message, press Resend Code in the Ava app and wait again.
  • Found the message? Enter the 6-digit verification code into the Ava app. Wait a few seconds.
  • Ava will ask "What's your name?". Choose a simple name, this is the one others will see in conversations. Again, tap the blue arrow to validate your name.
  • Now, pick your Ava Name that you will be able to remember and share to others so they can connect to you via Ava. For example, janedoe555 is an easy-to-remember Ava Name if your name is Jane Doe, and your favorite number is 5.
  • Tap the green arrow to validate your Ava Name. If it's taken, just change the letters or digits until you find an Ava Name not taken yet.
  • Got it? Hurray! You just created your Ava account!

Step 3. Tailor your experience with Ava

Ava will ask you a few questions to customize your experience, and teach you the right way to use Ava.

  • First, Ava asks you which option describes best your hearing profile. You will be able to change it later, but tap the grey button that seems the most appropriate to your situation.
  • If you pressed I have partial or full hearing loss, Ava will ask you if you prefer using your voice or not usually. If you don't, Ava will teach you to use the keyboard, so you can be heard.

This is the moment where Ava will teach you a few tricks on how to use the app. You can skip at any moment by hitting the red cross on top-right of the screen.

Learn the Ava Speak keyboard. Tap the keyboard button so Ava can speak the words you type. Type a few words, then hit Return to voice to proceed.

OR Learn to caption your voice. Tap the black/white microphone button then press Allow in the displayed message so the microphone can turn blue. This means Ava is listening to your voice. Say a few sentences, until Ava asks you how it was. You can repeat this experience until you get a hang of it.

Learn to caption a friend's voice. Find a friend you can test Ava with. Hold the phone near them, then press the microphone button to caption them. See for yourself how accurate it comes up, when you hold your phone less than 12 inches from them. Ava will ask you for feedback, feel free to repeat until the captions come up 85%-95% accurate.
Read more about 1-1 conversations here.

Learn to invite a friend on Ava. Just using your phone is fine for short discussions. However, for longer discussions with back-and-forth, or conversations with more participants, you'll need to have participants download the Ava app, and find you with your Ava Name to join your conversation on Ava.
Read more about group conversations here.

Step 4. Know how to use the basic functions of Ava

When you open Ava, you can:

  • Caption anyone around you. Just press Start Conversation and immediately start in Solo Mode, captioning what the person in front of you say, also answer using the keyboard. Think of rotating the screen to increase the accuracy. When you're done, you can save what was said by pressing the red cross to end the discussion. You can also invite someone into the conversation by pressing the Add Contact button in the bottom-right.
  • Connect with one or more friends on Ava to caption their words. Press the green or grey Connect if you have Contacts on Ava. Your friend will be notified to join your conversation, and once your request accepted, your phones will be connected. What they say will appear on your smartphone. If you don't have them in your Contacts, ask them their Ava Name to add them once and for all.
  • Invite a new friend to Ava to have accessible conversations. Search for your friend in your Contact list, and press Invite to send them a text message with an invitation. NB: You need to have authorized Ava to access your Contacts.

Step 5. Learn how to make your daily life accessible more accessible

Discover other situations you can use Ava for right here

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