What is Ava Scribe?

🧠“Ava” Artificial Intelligence. Why? Because it's always available, has an extended vocabulary and is efficient.
✍️“Scribe” a professional with a human judgement and a cultural knowledge who is able to correct the mistakes that were made from the voice recognition.

With both, we can have the best of the two worlds, and be ready for a future with 100% accessibility. ✨

How to activate Ava Scribe from my account?

To be able to use Ava Scribe, you will need to be on one of the Ava professional Plans (Pro, Campus or Welcome) and need to purchase Scribe time separately. You can buy Scribe time per minute or per hour depending on your needs. 

Using Ava Scribe

To learn more about how to use Ava Scribe for online meetings and classes click here.

Once you or your organization have purchased Scribe time, you can ask a Scribe to join your conversation and correct the captions to ensure the highest accuracy.  

  • ⚙️Tap on the little settings wheel right next to the microphone icon.
  • Tap on 'accuracy level' 🎯
  • Now tap on 'Corrected by Scribe (98%)'

You will notice that a blue ribbon and a little icon in the top bar appear to show you that the Scribe is being requested. Once the Scribe joins, the ribbon and your microphone icon in the bottom will turn green. Great job! 🙌 You are now successfully connected to an Ava Scribe.

To stop using the Ava Scribe service, simply end the conversation by clicking on the little red 'x' in the bottom right of the screen. The Scribe will automatically disconnect.


Your Scribe time is counted by the minute. For example if you have a 23 minute conversation with Scribe in the loop, we will deduct 23 minutes from your Scribe time. 

In your profile screen you can see exactly how much Scribe time you still have left.

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