With Ava, you can see what people says in real time. When you're with your family, with a group of friends or with your colleagues, everyone can join the Ava conversation with their phone, and every participant text will appear in a different colour. Distance doesn't mather! You can connect also with other Ava users abroad. Or with your teacher when you need to follow the lecture remotely. Participants don't even need to download the app!

  1. Classic way to invite people to a group conversation in Ava
  2. Invite a lot of people in the group conversation
  3. End the group conversation
  4. The next time you meet with the same conversation participants
  5. Invite new people to Ava from distance
  6. Other tips to manage a group conversation with Ava

1. Classic way to invite people to a group conversation in Ava

You will have a better transcription accuracy and a smoother group conversation if you get everyone to download the Ava app. 

  1. Ask your closest friends/coworkers/relatives to download Ava on their smartphones in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store with this link.
  2. Make them try to use Ava to caption someone face-to-face
  3. Make them look for you in the contact field typing your Ava Name (the one starting by "&"), then press "Connect" to join the conversation:

If you don't want to ask everyone to download Ava, no problem! Click here to learn how to start an ⚡️Instant Conversation⚡️!

2. Do you need to invite a lot of people in the group conversation? Use the QR code, it's faster!

To join a group conversation faster, or if you need to invite a lot of people at once in the same conversation, tap on the QR code button on top-right and show them the QR code.

If they have the iPhone camera on, or a QR scan app on their Android, they'll be able to instantly scan your code, download Ava, and join you on the app with no effort!

3. End the group conversation

To end the conversation, press the red cross. This will end the conversation for everyone. You can save the transcript if you’d like, otherwise, it will be deleted.

4. The next time you meet with the same conversation participant, you will connect in a blink

New friends stay in your Contacts at the end of the conversation. This way, next time you see them, just open Ava and:

  • Tap on the green Connect for your friends with Ava app already open. They'll be automatically connected with you, with no efforts.
  • Tap on the grey Connect for the ones not online. They will receive a push notification from you, saying you want to chat. If they tap it, they'll join you.
  • If you don't see their name, enter it in the Search Bar or ask them again for their Ava Name. Your most recent contacts will appear on top of your Contacts list.

5. Invite new people to Ava from distance

Search people from your contact list and tap Invite. It will send a pre-written message with explanations on Ava.

Alternatively, you can also tap the share icon then choose your channel (SMS, email or other social apps). The message will include a link to download Ava and join you immediately!

6. Other tips to manage a group conversation with Ava

  • Be patient to get everyone set up. Take the time to guide each participant until they're fully connected to you via Ava and you can see their uniquely colored words appear on your screen.
  • Navigate potential errors until it "clicks" for participants. First-time impressions matter, and if you coworkers are impressed, they'll be happy to use Ava with you! Aim at having a full sentence perfectly recognized! Gently show how to position the microphone, and to turn it blue. Ava will make fewer errors when they say full sentences, in a natural and authentic way. Mistakes can appear if people aren't familiar, so stay detached and ask them to repeat a full sentence instead of one word. Also, this is a good way to show them how to discard words.
  • Move to a real discussion. It's normal that time is spent trying/testing the Ava app. If there's enthusiasm, it's good news. Time to try to propose a subject of conversation to try Ava in real conditions. Learn how to answer/participate with Ava in a group conversation.
  • Stay engaged and pro-active to form good habits. If the discussion goes well, make sure the phones stay well positioned, and the accuracy stays high so you understand well. One or two people might forget Ava at some point and not speak clearly anymore - you can gently help them re-adjust. Don't forget that they can also close their phone or multi-task, Ava will keep transcribing them, as long as they're still in the group conversation.
  • If one phone has an issue, you can share one phone between two people. But expect very low accuracy if you just have one phone (yours) for an entire room. The minimum ratio is 1 phone to share between 2 people.
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