Ava Web: real-time captions on your desktop! Shown here captioning a Zoom call

GIF showing Zoom meetings between two white men at speaking to each other (top half of the screen). Bottom half of the screen is Ava Web captioning the conversation in real-time. Captions read:

Presenting 🖥 Ava Web

Ava Web is a new service that allows you to join any Ava conversation on a computer through a website. This makes it possible for you to read the live transcript on your computer using Ava.

⚠️ Ava Web is currently supported for only Chrome and Safari.

This article will explain how to login to Ava Web, how to start and join a conversation, how to save transcripts, caption conference call, as well as how to use all the other features included in Ava Web. To learn how to use Ava Web for school, click here.

Who can use Ava Web?

Ava Web is accessible for all users having subscribed to the following plans: Pro, Campus, Welcome and Event.

When to use Ava Web?

  • 📚 During a presentation or a class: Ava Web will make it easier for you to follow what is being said in class by enhancing your reading experience and providing you with a transcript in one click once the conversation is over. With this setup, no one else will have to download Ava but you.
  • 💼 For conference calls or work meetings: Ava Web makes it easy to caption any conference call or Zoom meeting. Now you can follow along in meetings, or even broadcast the captions directly in Zoom!
  • 🎟 During an event: Ava Web is a way to join an existing conversation without requiring your attendees to download Ava.
  • 😶 If you don’t use your voice: you will find Ava Web particularly useful to interact during work or school group settings when multiple participants are connected to Ava and being captioned. With Ava Web, you will be able to reply faster using the keyboard.
  • 🖥 To caption without using multiple devices: now you can use your computer to play digital content/participate in conference calls AND caption. No need to set-up any additional devices!

🔐 Signing into Ava Web

1. Make sure that your Ava account is linked to your Google Account. In order to do that, open Ava on your smartphone and click on “Profile”, then “Settings” and “Linked Accounts”.

GIF showing user going to Profile, Settings, then scrolling down to Linked Accounts

2. Access Ava Web page from your computer and log in using your GMail address. If you originally signed up with an email address (not GMail), click on "Sign in with an email" (Note: you must use the email address you used when registering or linking your Ava account. To learn how to link your accounts, click here)

Ava Web sign in page. In the top left corner, the Ava logo and

💬 Starting a Conversation in Ava Web

After you have logged into Ava Web, you can start a conversation directly in Ava Web.

1. Click on "🎙 Start Captions now"

2. If you are using Ava Web for the first time, click on the 🎙 microphone icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Then allow Ava to access your microphone.

3. After granting access, make sure that the 🎙 microphone icon is blue (this means that the microphone is active and is picking up what is said). Then, you will be ready to caption!

👯‍♂️ Joining or Mirroring a Conversation in Ava Web

If someone has already started a conversation, or you'd like to display captions on your desktop from your phone, you can use the "Join Conversation" button.

1. If you are joining a conversation, enter the host's Avaname where it says "Type Ava Name." If you want to mirror your conversation, enter your own Avaname here.

2. Click "Join Room"

3. Make sure the 🎙 microphone icon is ON (blue)

➕ Inviting Participants to Join

You can invite participants to join the conversation, whether they are using their 📱 mobile phone or 🖥 Ava Web.

1. Click on "+ Invite Participant." This will copy the link to your clipboard.

2. Send your 🔗 link to whomever you'd like. They can open up the link from the 📱 mobile phone or 🖥 Ava Web!

☎ Using Ava Web for Conference Calls

Ava Web is compatible to work with Zoom and other conferencing call tools!

📹 If you are using Zoom, click here to learn how to set-up captions for Zoom.

☎️ If you are using a conference calling tool other than Zoom, click here to learn how to dial-in.

⌨️ Using Ava Web keyboard to Respond

You can type in your responses directly into Ava Web using the keyboard function.

1. Once you have started or joined a conversation, click on the keyboard icon on the top right-hand corner.

2. You will be able to type your response at the bottom of the page, just as you would any chat or messaging app. Press enter ⏎ or click the blue > icon on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

✍️ Editing or Deleting Text

Ava Web allows you to make live corrections of the transcript generated by Ava. To do edit or delete incorrect words, double click on the word and start typing the correct word. Then press enter ⏎

⭐️ Other Ava Web Features

You can access other Ava Web features by clicking on the three lines ☰ on the upper-left corner of the screen (font size, Ava Web “theme”, full screen mode, save transcript, or change language).

To learn how to broadcast captions to Zoom, click here.

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