I. Presenting the Ava Web app

Ava Web app is a new service that allows you to join any Ava conversation on a computer through a website. This makes it possible for you to read the live transcript on your computer using Ava.

1. Who can use the Ava Web app? 

The Ava Web app is accessible for all users having subscribed to the following plans : Pro, Campus, Welcome and Event. 

2. When to use the Ava Web app? 

  • During a presentation or a class: The Ava Web app will make it easier for you to follow what is being said in class by enhancing your reading experience and providing you with a transcript in one click once the conversation is over. With this setup, no one else will have to download Ava but you. 
  • During an event: The Ava Web app is a way to join an existing conversation without requiring your attendees to download Ava.
  • If you don’t use your voice: you will find the Ava Web app particularly useful to interact during work or school group settings when multiple participants are connected to Ava and being captioned. With the Ava Web app, you will be able to reply faster using the keyboard. 

II. Join an Ava conversation using the Ava Web app

  1. Make sure that your Ava account is linked to your Google Account. In order to do that, open Ava on your smartphone and click on “Profile”, then “Settings” and “Associated accounts”.

2. Access the Ava Web app page from your computer and log in using your Gmail address. (Note: you must use the address you used when registering and creating your Ava account)

3. Once you are logged in with your Gmail address, you will have instant access to the transcript of your conversation/class/conference.  

4. You will have access to all the options by clicking the icon on the upper-right corner of the screen (font size, Ava Web app “theme”, full screen mode… ) 

5. The Ava Web app allows you to make live corrections of the transcript generated by Ava. To do that, click on “Activate Edition” and select the word you want to edit. 

6. At the end of your conversation/class, you will have the option to easily download the transcript by clicking on “Download text”. That way, you will just have to paste it in a word-processing software to have it saved. 

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