🌐 Discover Ava Web (Browser)

Ava Web allows you to access any Ava conversation using a computer.

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💡Learn more about Ava's Desktop App and Ava Mobile.

🖥️ What is Ava Web?

Ava Web allows you to join any Ava conversation on a computer through our website at web.ava.me.

Full access to Ava Web is available to anyone! Simply open your web browser (Google Chrome or Safari) and go to web.ava.me. You will login and see captions appear!

When should you use Ava Web?

💼 During video calls: Your colleagues can join your Ava conversations with a simple link. No download or Ava account is necessary to join.

📚 During your lectures: have your professor join directly into your conversation or caption directly from your laptop.

🎟 At an event: Ava Web is a way to join an existing conversation without asking your attendees to download Ava. Click here to find out more.

🔐 Login to Ava Web

Go to Ava Web (web.ava.me) from your computer and log in with either your email or Google account. You can also create an account or bypass logging in to join a conversation as a guest.

💬 Start a conversation from Ava Web

1. Go to Ava Web in your computer browser (Note: We suggest Google Chrome and Apple Safari).

2. Sign in using the option that matches the way you originally signed up.

3. Click 🎙Start Captions

❗ If you are using Ava Web for the first time, you'll see a popup asking for permission to your microphone. Click on Allow to let Ava "hear"

❗ Make sure the 🎙 microphone icon is blue. This means that the microphone is active and is picking up sounds from your selected source

➕ Group Conversations on Ava Web

Participants can join the conversation, whether they are using their mobile phone or computer - two different ways!

Method 1: Share your unique conversation link

1. Click "+ Invite Participant" which will give you the option to copy your link with a friend or join someone's Ava Room.

2. Copy and send your 🔗 link to whomever you'd like, however you'd like!

3. Have you participant click on the link and join the conversation 🗣

Method 2: Searching for an AvaName

  1. Go to Ava Web

  2. In the "Join a Conversation" text box in the top right corner, enter the host's AvaName and click enter/return

🔗 Join a conversation on Ava Web

  1. Go to Ava Web

  2. Log in to your Ava account (optional)

  3. Click 🔍 Join a Conversation

  4. In the text bar below then enter the host's Ava ID and click Join

⌨️ Using Ava Web keyboard to Respond

You can type in your responses directly into Ava Web using the keyboard function with Ava Voice.

  1. Go to Ava Web and start or join a conversation, select the voice personality that suites you

  2. Click on the ⌨️ keyboard icon on the top right-hand corner

  3. You can type your response at the bottom of the page, press enter, or click the blue ➡️

🗣️ If you want Ava to speak for you, click the 📣 icon and Ava will speak the message you typed!

☎️ Using Ava Web for Video Conference Calls

Ava Web is compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meets. Learn more about Ava Connect.

  1. Go to Ava Web and start or join a conversation

  2. Click the 🎥 Connect to Online Meetings button

  3. Add your meeting link and press Connect or hit enter

  4. Ava will join your call and provide Speaker ID

❗If you would like the floating Ava box, download the Ava desktop application!

✍️ Editing or Deleting Text

Ava Web allows you to make live corrections to the captions generated by Ava. To edit or delete incorrect words, click on the word and type the correct word. You will see your transcript is fixed!

⭐️ Understanding Ava Web's Icons

  1. Participants in Conversation: each profile included in the conversation will be added here

  2. Open Ava for Mac: open Ava's Desktop app for floating captions outside of the website.

  3. Microphone Setting: Pick which microphone Ava "listens" through. *We recommend Ava Mic for the best accuracy results!*

  4. Change Font Size: Adjust the size of your captions

  5. Curse Word Filter: Don't want to see curse words in your captions? Make sure the toggle is blue!

  6. Dark & Light Mode: Change the color of your caption screen. Light Mode is shown above while Dark mode has a dark background with white captions.

  7. Text-to-speech voice settings: change the between 6 voice options for when you use text-to-speech via the keyboard

  8. Conversation Mode: choose between interactive and read-only mode

  9. Spoken Languages: Spoken language is the language in which speech is spoken and Ava is "listening" for.

  10. Translate into: Update based on which language you want Ava to caption in.

  11. Contact Support: open a chat conversation with Team Ava for any questions

  12. Ava Connect: add your Google Meets, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams meeting link to have captions directly in your online meeting

  13. Get Scribe: Click this button to enable Scribe or Premium Captions (These are paid services).

  14. Invite Participant: Click this button to invite someone to your conversation or join someone's conversation.

  15. Microphone: Make sure this icon is blue to ensure Ava is "listening." If you don't want Ava to "listen" click this button and it will turn grey.

  16. Keyboard: This allows you to type something for Ava to speak for you.

  17. Desktop App: This is a downloadable desktop app that reduces your full-screen view and opens a caption box at the bottom of your screen.

  18. End Conversation: Click the red X to stop Ava's captions.

  1. 3 Lines: Click this icon to remove or bring back the left menu bar.

  2. Start Captions: This button will start a captioning session.

  3. Join a Conversation: Click this button to either join someone's conversation or share your unique link for someone to join your conversation!

  4. Transcripts: This is where you find your saved transcripts.

  5. Account Settings: Find profile information and adjust account settings here.

  6. Contact us: Send a message to the Ava team

  7. Start Captions: This button will start a captioning session.

  8. Caption Phone Call: Click here to caption a phone call coming through your computer (This feature is only available for paid users!).

  9. Join a Conversation: Click this button to either join someone's conversation or share your unique link for someone to join your conversation!

💡 Ava Web Tips & Tricks

  • To enhance accuracy, make sure to connect a Bluetooth or wired headset with a microphone and that the environment isn't too noisy.

  • If you are using Ava to "listen" to the speech coming out of the speakers, make sure that your computer speakers' volume is set to about medium (too high or too low might make it hard for Ava to decipher speech).

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