Does Ava work with little or no internet connection?

We know it's hard to have perfect internet connection all the time. Use Ava in Offline Mode so you don't miss out!

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Offline Mode: When you have NO Internet Connection


  1. This only works in solo mode: we need an internet connection in order to collect other people's audio & transcripts. You won't be able to host a group conversation.

  2. There will be a slightly depreciated accuracy: Ava needs an internet connection to use our smart speech recognition technology. 

  3. This is only available on newer iOS and Android devices: offline mode only works for newer iOS devices (that have A9 chips). You can find unsupported devices at the bottom of this page.

  4. Offline mode works only for your default language, you cannot caption or translate in other languages.

  5. This is not available for Ava Web or Ava Closed Captions

How to enable Offline Mode

🤖 For Android and 🍎 Apple devices (only available on iOS 13 and above) :

1. Put your phone in ✈ airplane mode,

2.Open a conversation as you normally would
3. Watch Ava caption!

Using Ava with Low or Limited Internet Connection

  1. For iOS: Simply use Offline Mode, as per the instructions above.

  2. For Android:

Go to Settings > activate Optimize for very low connectivity:

Happy captioning! 🤟

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