Do you have a hearing friend (or family member, or co-worker?) you're close with? Start by testing the Ava app with them. You just need your smartphone to caption what they say. 

Face-to-face quick interactions: one phone for two people

Open Ava on your phone. You can tap the microphone icon to activate and deactivate the caption.

  • Blue: captioning ON
  • Grey: captioning OFF

📲  Hold the phone near your friend with the microphone on.
Try to keep the phone within 12 inches or less from the mouth of the speaker so Ava can hear what he or she is saying.

👀  Reading lips + looking at Ava, or reading completely? Most users read lips directly, and look at Ava when there is something they missed. You can also follow everything on the screen (especially when there are many people).   

🔄  Rotate your phone and ask your friend to speak slowly.
If you think the accuracy is not high enough: try to bring the phone closer to the speaker, turn the phone (since the microphone is usually on the bottom of the phone).

⌨️  You can reply by typing back. Simply open the keyboard and type away. The text will automatically appear and you can also use Text To Speech to voice it out.

Correct Ava’s typos.
You can correct Ava’s mis-captioned words by tapping on the word with your finger and either pressing “Edit” or “Delete”.

👍 Now you can try Ava with two phones!

Longer conversations: two phones for two people

Sharing one phone for two people forces you to move back and forth, which is not very comfortable. 

For conversations that last longer, it is recommended that all participants download the Ava application on their phone: they can speak into their phones, and you can see what they say on the screen of your phone. 

Their name will also be in a different colour to make it easier to distinguish who is saying what.

How to invite your friend in the conversation?

In the conversation screen, you can tap the green button "+ Participant" to display the invite options:

You can then choose between:

  • Invite from contacts (for existing Ava users): invite by searching for your friend Ava Name (the one that starts with "&" ). 
  • Use QR code (for everyone): if your friend have the iPhone camera turned on or a QR scan application on Android, they can scan your code instantly, download Ava and join the app effortlessly.
  • Share Link (for first time users): will send a pre-written invitation message, with a link to download Ava and join you immediately. The message can be sent by SMS, email or other social apps.

Consider using Ava with a Bluetooth microphone: they are easy to hand over to a friend, to make sure Ava can hear them. Once they are familiar with Ava, you can ask them to download the app.

👍 Becoming an Ava expert? Try it with people you don't know that well 

The true value of Ava is to understand people who you are not close to. After exploring the app with your closest ones, you should try it with a stranger. Here are some tips! 

  • When you press 'Start Captioning', the first screen shows a visual of what to do. This can help people to better understand what is expected from them.
  • If someone does not understand your voice well, use Ava Speak to be heard. 
  • Here is a suggested way to tell someone new about Ava: "Hi, my name is [name] I am [deaf / hard of hearing]." This is a real-time transcription application called Ava. When you speak into my phone, it's easier for me to understand what you are saying."
  • Try talking to at least 5 new people with Ava, to see the true power of the app.

You are now an expert in face-to-face conversations with Ava! 

Next step, learn about group conversations .

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