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Explaining Ava's pricing model:

Our mission at Ava is to provide accessibility for everyone. For this reason we made Ava's captioning available to everyone for free with Ava Free. This is the best option for occasional users, who need Ava for short conversations.

Ava Free Plan

✓ When you join a session on Ava, captioning is unlimited
✓ Caption any live conversation with 5 hours free per month (host mode)
✓ No limits on group size or number of devices connected
✓ Text to speech: Ava can voice out what you type
✓ Save transcripts to remember your conversations

We want to make sure Ava is affordable, so you will never be limited to use the Ava Free Plan for short conversations.

How do we count your time?

The 5 hours of captioning time starts counting down when a user initiates a conversation with their device. This can be for a quick 1-on-1 session with only their phone, or for a large group conversation with many other devices joining the conversation. It's important to note that no time will be deducted for individuals joining the conversation. Time is deducted from only the person who started the conversation.

Find out how to check how much time is left in your plan in this article.

💡TIPS - If you run out of the 5 hours limit (host mode) per month and you need more time, then you can:

  • Wait 2 minutes to unlock another 10 minutes of free caption time - no limit
  • You can invite a friend to Ava and you will get 1 hour for free - no limit (learn more)
  • You can buy 5 additional hours for 4.99$

Transcribing many hours of conversation, developing new features, and offering the service to everyone, costs Ava a lot of money. To be able to provide and sustain the same level of service, we have to charge those users who use Ava for more than 5 hours per month. If you want a 24/7 accessibility experience and many other benefits, you can subscribe to the Ava Premium plan which includes unlimited captioning time.

Ava Premium Plan

Includes all of the Ava Free features, plus:

  • 🤟Infinite captioning time (⛔️ conversation timeout at 40 minutes - for unlimited sessions, you need Ava for Organization)
  • ✅ Higher caption quality (90-95%)
  • 🌎 Caption & translate in 16 languages (how to translate in Ava)

You can do a 30-day trial of the Premium Plan for free! Then, you will need to pay $14.99 per month.

To upgrade your Ava Free account to Premium, tap on 👤 Profile > ⭐️ Caption Time > Try Free 1 month unlimited

Want your subscription sponsored by your organization? We also have plans for organizations: 

  • Ava Pro
  • Ava Campus
  • Ava Welcome
  • Ava Event

These plans includes all of the Ava Premium features, plus:

  • 💙No session time limits
  • 🥇Best caption quality (+95%)
  • 🚀 Customized vocabulary based on your organization: acronyms, names... (more info)
  • 💻 Participate on your computer, or display on any screen with Ava Web. (more info)
  • ✍️ Request Live, professionally-reviewed 99% accurate captions with Ava Scribe (additional fees apply). (more info)
  • 🦸‍♂️ Advocacy team to help you make your organization fully accessible
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