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Explaining Ava's pricing model:

Our mission at Ava is to provide accessibility for everyone. For this reason we made Ava's captioning available to everyone for free. Any Ava user enjoys their whole first month of unlimited Ava captions for free. From the second month onwards, you will receive 5 hours of free monthly captioning time.

Transcribing many hours of conversation, developing new features, and offering the service to everyone, costs Ava a lot of money. To be able to provide and sustain the same level of service, we have to charge those users who use Ava for more than 5 hours per month. If you want a 24/7 accessibility experience, and get other benefits, you can subscribe to the Ava Premium plan which includes unlimited captioning time.

How do we count your time:

The 5 hours of captioning time starts counting down when a user initiates a conversation with their device. This can be for a quick 1-on-1 session with only their phone, or for a large group conversation with many other devices joining the conversation. It's important to note that no time will be counted for those people joining the conversation. Only the person starting the conversation is counted for.

What happens when I run out of captioning time:

With 30 minutes of captioning time left, the user will be notified by Ava about their remaining captioning time. Once a user runs out of captioning time, they will have to upgrade their account to Ava Premium, to receive more captioning time. Note that when a conversation is going and the user runs out of captioning time, this will not affect that conversation. Only when the conversation is over, the user will need to
update their account. 

Every new month (after 30 days from the first captioned conversation), the user will receive 5 more hours of captioning time. The captioning time from a previous month does not roll over to the next month. When the new month kicks in, the captioning time is reset to 5 hours, unless you upgraded to the Ava Premium plan.

Specific plan information:

1. With Ava Free, everyone can have accessible conversations

  • Start captioned conversations (1-1 or groups) for up to 5 hours every month.
  • Joining conversations started by someone else is always free.

If you don’t have any time left, you won't be able to keep captioning unless you:
A) Join a friend’s conversation who still has credit left.
B) Subscribe to one of the plans to get unlimited time for the next 30 days
C) Wait till the end of your 30 day cycle for a new 5 hours credit!

You can see your credit in your Profile. Manage your plan by tapping on Caption Time and Go Unlimited.

2. Individuals, choose Ava Premium for unlimited captions at $29.99/month

  • Start captioned conversations and get unlimited captioning, for a true 24/7 accessibility experience. See everything you can caption with no time limit.
  • Join the online community of Ava Pioneers and discuss new features, ideas together.
  • Direct support from the Ava team through your accessibility requests (workplace, school, church, etc.) in your daily life
  • All of this for less than $1/day (calculated based on the $30/month).

To try Ava Premium, you can upgrade from your profile page > Caption time > Go Unlimited

Want your subscription sponsored by your organization?

Ask the accessibility manager in your organization for a possible reimbursement or coverage of your subscription, or request our help to get your Ava subscription sponsored by clicking here.

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