You can use Ava to caption the spoken content of any digital audio, including online videos (such as education courses, Facebook Live, YouTube), podcasts, radio, and even audio/video calls. 

💡 Note: Ava works best for digital audio/video when it is just speech. If there's background music in the digital audio/video, Ava might have a hard time discerning words.

To caption multi-person online meetings (for work), go here.
To caption multi-person online classes (for school), go here

Option 1: put your phone with Ava next to the device's speaker

This is the easiest set-up:

  1. Open the Ava app on your mobile device (phone or tablet).
  2. Start a new conversation by tapping on 🎙 Start Subtitles 
  3. Place your mobile device close to the device (e.g. laptop, tablet, secondary phone, etc.) that you are using to play the audio/video content or make the call (e.g. Skype, Facetime, regular phone call, etc.). 
  4. Make sure you turn up the volume to about medium on the device that Ava is listening to (e.g. laptop).

⭐️ Note: Ava can "hear" best when the volume is about medium level. If it is too high or too low, accuracy may be decreased. You can play with the volume level until captions start to flow in consistently.

Although this is the easiest solution, the accuracy may not always be good enough (can be as low as 30-40%), particularly when you are on the Ava Free plan (you get Basic quality captions with this plan).

To improve accuracy, you can try the following: 

  • Make sure that your device is close to the sound source. If you are watching TV, for example, put Ava next to your TV so that the microphone is close to the sound. You can connect another device with Ava on it to read the captions comfortably by using the group conversation or mirroring feature.
  • Try one of the Ava paid plans (e.g. Ava Premium, Ava Pro, etc.) to boost your accuracy to ~90% for this type of situation. You can request an upgrade to a free trial to Ava Pro below:

Option 2: Use Ava Web to show captions

If you do not want to use two devices, you can use Ava Web on your computer to show captions!

💡 Note: Ava Web is only available for Ava users who are on the Ava Campus, Ava Welcome, or Ava Pro plan. Find out more about how to get these plans here or click the button from the previous section.

If this is your first time using Ava Web, make sure to check out our extensive guide on the basics of Ava Web here.

To use Ava Web to show captions:

1. Open Ava Web on your computer by going to

2. Click on "Start Captions Now" (see screenshot below)

If you are using Ava Web for the first time, make sure to allow Ava to use your microphone.

3. Open the digital audio or make the call you want to caption. Make sure that the sound is coming out of your speakers and is set to about medium. Ava will start captioning the spoken words.

If you are making a phone call and want better accuracy, you can also use Ava Web to caption by dialing into the call. Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Option 3: use a cable to transmit audio to the Ava app

If both of the above options are not working well for you, you can try this 3rd option, which requires an audio adapter cable to connect your devices.

1. Plug the audio adapter cable to each of the devices you will be using. Make sure that you plug in each side correctly (see video for detailed instructions):

📱 Smartphone Side: This side plugs into the device that has Ava

🎧 Wireless Microphone Side: This side plugs into the device that is playing the sound

2. Tap on 🎙 Start Subtitles on Ava

3. Open the digital audio/video or make the call you want to caption (make sure the volume is turned up)

4. Watch as Ava captions by listening through the audio adapter cable

⭐️ Important to Note: 

  • Make sure you buy this exact cable. We've successfully tested with this cable and can't guarantee that it will work with others.  
  • Make sure you are plugging each end of the cable correctly, as per the direction in the previous section (see images below for some possible set-up examples):

If you are captioning digital sound or a phone call from your computer:

If you captioning a phone call from your phone while using Ava from a tablet:

If you'd like to be able to use a headphone/headset to hear the audio at the same time while seeing captions on Ava, you will need an audio splitter.

Not working?

  • Make sure the volume is high enough on the device that is playing the sound. 
  • Make sure you buy this exact cable.
  • Make sure that cables are plugged in all the way and in the correct port
  • Make sure that the microphone source is set correctly for the device that has Ava. To do this, Start Subtitles > Tap on the ⚙️ icon in the upper right-hand corner > Select a Microphone 🎤 > Select Headset Microphone (see screenshot below)

If you are unable to successfully troubleshoot, please reach out to our support team at

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