You can use Ava to caption the spoken content of any digital audio. 

This includes online videos (such as education courses, Facebook Live, YouTube), podcasts, radio, and even audio/video conference calls. 

To caption multi person online (video) meetings (for work), go here.
To caption multi person online classes (for school), go here

Option 1: put your phone with Ava next to the device speaker

This is the easiest way to go, namely: 

  • Open the Ava app on your smart device (phone or tablet).
  • Start a new conversation in the Ava app. 
  • Put the microphone of your smart device close to the device (e.g. laptop) that you are using to play the audio or video content or call (e.g. Skype). 
  • Make sure you turn up the volume on the device that Ava is listening to (Note: Ava can "hear" best when the volume is about medium level. If it is too high or too low, the accuracy may be decreased)

Although this is the easiest solution, the accuracy may not be always be good enough (can be as low as 30-40%), when your are on the Free or Premium Ava plans.

To improve the accuracy, you can try the following: 

  1. Make sure that your device is close to the sound source. If you are watching TV for example, put Ava next to your TV so that the microphone is close to the sound. You can connect another device with Ava on it, to read the captions comfortably.
  2. Try the Ava Pro plan to automatically boost your accuracy to 90% for this type of situation. You can request an upgrade (free trial) to Ava Pro below.

Option 2: use the Ava Web app to do the captions

If you do not want to use two devices, but instead you want to caption with the same device as the one transmitting the audio, you can try using the Ava web application.

Here is how you do that: 

  • Open the Ava web application on the same device as the one you are playing the audio or video on, or making the call from (e.g. laptop). 
  • Click on "Start captions now" (see screenshot below). 

  • Turn on the microphone in the top right of the screen and allow the permission request from your browser.

  • Start the video or audio that you are trying to caption and make sure that the volume is turned all the way up. Ava will start captioning the spoken words.

Option 3: use a cable to transmit audio to the Ava app

If both of the above options are not working well for you, you can try this 3rd option. To do this however, you will need to purchase a little Audio adapter cable. To use it:

  • Plug one end in the headphone port of your laptop (or other device), the other end goes into your smartphone. 
  • Start a conversation on Ava to see the captions from the digital audio (see image and video below).


  1. make sure you buy the exact cable that we recommend above. Most cables that seem to be the same don't actually work. 
  2. The two ends of the cable are different, make sure you are plugging the correct end in the smartphone and in the laptop respectively (the white tags will tell you).

If you'd like to be able to use a headphone/headset to hear the audio at the same time as seeing the captions, you will need to buy and use an audio splitter.

Not working? 

  • If your captions are not showing up, the audio volume on the source side may be too low. Make sure the volume is turned up enough on both devices. 
  • Alternatively it may be the case that the cable is not plugged in correctly.
  • Make sure you buy the exact cable that we recommend in the above link. 
  • If it's still not working, reach out to our support team at
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