You can use Ava to caption digital audio, including online videos (such as education courses, Facebook Live, YouTube), podcasts, radio, and even audio/video calls on your computer.

Check out our guides on captioning online meetings or classes.

💡 Note: Ava works best for digital audio when it is just speech. If there's background music or noise in the digital audio/video, Ava might have a hard time discerning words.

Use Ava Desktop

Get easy captions with a single click on Ava Desktop. Learn how to download and use Ava Desktop here.

Use Ava Web

If you don't want to download Ava Desktop, you can access Ava Web on your browser! Learn how to use Ava Web here.

Use Ava on your Phone

Place your phone close to the computer's speakers and turn the volume all the way up, then watch Ava caption away!

Use Ava with an Audio Adapter Cable

If you don't want the sound to play out loud, you can use Ava with an audio adapter cable. Click here to learn how!

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