Pass a quick order at a cafe? Choose to get the joke -and the smile.
Ask for advice to the store tech whizz? Choose the full explanation over the short answer on the paper.
Argue for your case with your banker? Choose to not to wait weeks and weeks to schedule an interpreter.
Live your daily life - and choose to live it more fully with Ava.

Face-to-face short interactions

Now that you're familiar with how to use Ava for in-person chat, try using it everywhere and see what happens.
Embrace the reactions: surprise with the app, laughters when funny mistakes come up, but also smiles when they finally tell you about their day, slip a colorful story. All give you very interesting tips - when communication becomes easy, fluid and feels more equal.

Longer, seated interactions

If you think you'll see them again? Always invite others to download Ava , otherwise read here how to use the Bluetooth microphone to hand over. 

Keeping a transcript

Discussions you have might be very important, for example with a notary, banker, doctor, or for technical details on how to solve a certain issue. Ava helps you keep notes of these conversations to review later. Learn here how to use this function.

Medical privacy

Can you use Ava with your doctor? Yes. Conversations on Ava are private, and any audio fragmented and anonymized. You can use it with your doctor, and share this article if he needs more details. 

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