The ease of use and accuracy of Ava captions help open up daily communications for Deaf and hard-of-hearing folks.

  • Need to quick quick jolt of caffeine at your local cafe? Ava's mobile app makes it easy.

  • Need advice from customer rep at an electronics store? Ava can caption long and complex explanations.

  • Have an issue with banking fees? Use Ava with your local bank teller.

  • Have a medical condition that needs deeper explanation? Use Ava with your doctor for the full down low.

Live your daily life - and choose to live it more fully with Ava.

Face-to-face short interactions

Now that you understand how to use Ava for in-person chats, try using it everywhere and see what happens. You'll be pleasantly surprised when people are excited to tell you about their day and want to hear all about yours. With Ava, communication becomes easy, fluid and feels more equal.

Talk talk talk

If you speak with someone regularly, ask them to download Ava. You can even hand over your Bluetooth mic to them to get clearer captions.  

Keeping a transcript

Discussions you have might be very important, for example with a notary, banker, doctor, or for technical details on how to solve a certain issue. Ava helps you keep notes of these conversations to review later. Learn how to save or delete a transcription.

Medical privacy

Can you use Ava with your doctor? Yes. Conversations on Ava are private, and any audio is fragmented and anonymized. You can use it with your doctor, and share this article if they need more details. 

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