Quick & Easy, 1-on-1, online sessions.

Expected accuracy: 90%

  1. Start a new conversation on the Ava (mobile) app and put your phone next to the computer speaker to pick up the video call audio. More options found here.
  2. The other call participant(s) just connect to the video call like they always do.

Multi-person, online sessions & classes.

Option 1: use the Ava Web application along with the video call

If it's okay for the student(s) and the teacher to have a second window open, besides the video call window, then this is the recommended way to use Ava. 

  1. The teacher or student opens the Ava Web application and starts a new session.
  2. They share the Ava link associated to that session with the participants who will be speaking during the session (e.g. the link can be added to the calendar invite).
  3. The (speaking) participants open the Ava Web app by clicking on that link and turn on the microphone on their end (the same way they do for the video call).
  4. The DHH student can now see all the captions in real-time on Ava Web! ✅

Click here for a more detailed (step-by-step) guide on how this works. 

TIP 1💡: Using Ava Web, the captions can be displayed right below the video call (see image below). The student can sign-in at app.ava.me using their Ava account info to read the captions and easily type back and forth (especially for non-verbal users).

TIP 2💡When using Ava web (e.g. on your laptop), you can use the full screen mode for a better readability (see below)

Option 2: Add a Scribe (real-time remote CART) to your Ava Web conversation session for increased accuracy.

Expected accuracy: 98% 🚀 

Follow the exact same steps as explained in option 1 (above). 

The student then request a real-time remote captioner (Ava Scribe) to join the conversation and make corrections for higher accuracy (98%) ✅

For instructions on how to request Ava Scribe directly from Ava Web, click here

Option 3: Invite a Scribe (real-time remote CART) to join your online session directly for increased accuracy.

Expected accuracy: 98% 🚀

👍This is the easiest option since you, and none of your peers need to install or join on Ava. Everyone can just join the conference call like they always do. 

1. Prior to the class (e.g. when creating the calendar invitation), make sure to invite (schedule) the Ava Scribe by using the following email: scribe@ava.me 

2. Join your video conferencing session (Zoom, WebEx, ...) on your laptop.

3. The Ava Scribe will join your meeting at the indicated time and will share a link that you and your peers can join to view the captions, on any device.

4. Follow the captions in real-time and keep the transcript for later! ✅

Note: To use the Scribe service it is necessary to purchase & schedule Scribe time first.

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