Important: This feature is only available for Ava users who are on the Ava Campus, Ava Welcome, or Ava Pro plan. Find out more about how to get these plans here.

Step 1 - Enable Closed Captions in Zoom (One Time Only)

Note: This needs to be done by the person who is hosting the Zoom meeting.

  1. Log in with your Zoom account in the Zoom Web Portal (website) 
  2. Open your profile page (see screenshot below). 
  3. On the left side of the screen, under the personal section, click on Settings
  4. Under the Meeting tab, scroll down until you see Closed captioning to enable it.
  5. After completing the above steps, start your meeting in the Zoom app. 

Step 2 - Inviting Ava to the Zoom meeting

  1. Open and log in to the Ava Web application on your internet browser. 
  2. Click on the option to "Join conference call" (see below animation).
  3. Paste the Zoom meeting link (e.g. in the box where it says "Paste meeting invitation" and click on the green Dial-in button. 
  4. After a few seconds you will see that Ava is connected to the call. The captions from the Zoom call will then start appearing in the Ava Web application screen.

Password: If the meeting requires a password, find out what the 6 digit password is and add it to the associated field to successfully join the meeting.

Step 3 - Sending the Ava Web Captions to the Zoom meeting

Note: If you are not the host of the Zoom meeting, you will need to contact the host for the Zoom API token. 

  1. Once Ava has successfully joined the Zoom meeting, you will see an automatic prompt in the Ava Web application to add the captions directly to Zoom. You will need to provide the unique API token associated with the Zoom meeting. 
  2. In Zoom, ask the meeting host to click on Closed Caption (CC) in the bottom tab and "Copy the API token".
    Note: the host can access the token, but they can give you access to the API token by assigning you to type (have them right click on your video, then select
    Assign to Type Closed Captions)

You will see a "CC" next to your name, like this:

You should get access to the API token:

3. Go back to Ava Web, paste the API token in the right box and click the blue connect button. If someone is sharing the API token with you, make sure that you copy only the link and no spaces at the end. If there are spaces in your copy/paste it won't work!

You can do this at any point during the meeting, just click on Broadcast to Zoom in the side menu.

4. Great work! Ava will notify you (in the upper right corner of the screen) once the connection between Ava and Zoom is successful. Shortly after that you will able to see your captions, live in Zoom! 🙌🏽 

(Make sure you leave the Ava web application open during your Zoom call) 

Above animation shows where to paste the API token in the Ava Web application. 

If you'd like to print or share this information as a handout, you can click below.

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