Ava is introducing a special feature: ⚡️Instant Conversations ⚡️

Now, all participants can join your conversation, even if they don't have an Ava account or the app at all!

If your participants do have Ava, just invite them as you would a normal group conversation 👥

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Instant Conversations from Mobile
Instant Conversations from Ava Web

Instant Conversations from Mobile

1. Start a new conversation as you normally would on your Ava app

2. Tap on "+ Participant" to show your QR code, share a link, or invite friends to join the conversation (see image below)

3. Ask participants to open their camera app and scan your QR code OR send your link (click on 🔗 Share invite to join)

4. Ask participants to click the link and they'll be able to join the conversation from their mobile browser, no download needed!

Now if they speak on THEIR phone: you can now read accurate, color-coded captions on YOUR phone! 🙌

This is what they'll see on their phone:

Instant Conversations from Ava Web

1. Open Ava Web (app.ava.me).

If this is your first time getting started with Ava Web, click here.

2. Click on 🎙 Start Captions Now

3. Click on "+Participant." This will copy a link to your clipboard. What is a clipboard?

4. Send the link to those whom you would like to participate using your preferred method of communication (through email, chat, messaging tool, etc.).

*NOTE: Participants can open this link on their mobile device or on their computers without needing to sign in!


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