With ⚡️ Instant Conversations ⚡️ on Ava anyone can join you on Ava, even if they don't have an Ava account or the app at all! Perfect for social distancing! 😷

If your participants do have Ava, just invite them as you would a normal group conversation 👥

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Instant Conversations from Mobile
Instant Conversations from Ava Web

Instant Conversations from Mobile

1. Start a new conversation as you normally would on your Ava app

2. Tap on "+ Add" to show your QR code, share a link, or invite friends to join the conversation (see image below)

3. Ask participants to open their camera app and scan your QR code 


Send your link (click on 🔗 Share Link).

This way, participants will be able to join the conversation from their mobile browser, no download needed!

This is what they'll see on their phone:

When they speak on THEIR phone, you can read accurate, color-coded captions on YOUR phone! 🙌

Instant Conversations from Ava Web

1. Open Ava Web (app.ava.me).

If this is your first time getting started with Ava Web, click here.

2. Click on 🎙 Start Captions Now

3. Click on "+Participant." This will copy a link to your clipboard. What is a clipboard?

4. Send the link to those whom you would like to participate using your preferred method of communication (through email, chat, messaging tool, etc.).

*NOTE: Participants can open this link on their mobile device or on their computers without needing to sign in!


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