September 2020 Update: We are currently working with Zoom to address some inconsistencies with the captions. We appreciate your patience as we work to correct this issue.

▶️ If you experience any issues with Zoom, restart the Zoom meeting and completely sign out of Ava Web ◀️

📹 Double-check Zoom Settings

There are a few settings in Zoom that need to be configured before Ava is able to integrate with Zoom. Log into Zoom and go to your settings.

Once you're logged in, make sure these settings are correctly configured:

☑️ Closed Captioning: ON

☑️ Mute Participants Upon Entry: OFF

☑️ Audio Type: Telephone and Computer Audio

(NOTE: If you don't see the option for Telephone and Computer Audio, check your Zoom account plan. Zoom has made Telephone audio unavailable for some Basic plans. If you have a Basic plan, talk to your Zoom administrator about upgrading your account.)

Once these are all set, restart Zoom to implement the setting changes.

☎️ Double-Check that Ava is not in the Waiting Room

If you or the Zoom host has the Waiting Room enabled, Ava may be waiting to be admitted into the Zoom meeting. Ava usually appears as a 1510xxxxxxx number.

Click on Participants at the bottom menu and admit Ava.

👤 Contact Ava's Customer Support Team for Assistance

If you've checked on all these settings and need extra help in setting up Zoom, our customer support representatives are here to help! Contact us at

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