If this is your first time using Ava Closed Captions, click here to check out our guide on getting started!

1. Open Ava Closed Captions > Click on Start Captions Now

2. Configure Audio

🍎 For Apple computers: Turn your computer's volume up between 50-100 %

◻️ For Windows computers: use Internal Audio to caption your conference call (BONUS: you don't have to play sound out loud through the speakers). Learn how here

⚠️ NOTE: When using internal audio, your speech will not be captioned.

3. Start the conference call and watch Ava caption away! (you can move windows around to fit you best)

Optional: If you want Ava to indicate who is speaking, invite meeting participants to join you on Ava (don't worry, they don't need to download Ava!).

When others join, just make sure everyone uses Bluetooth headphones/mics so captions will be accurate 👌

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