At Ava, we wish to provide an equal opportunity to total accessibility for 400M deaf and hard-of-hearing people. This is no easy task, and the journey will certainly be long, take a lot of effort, and probably decades to happen.

Relative to the content we put out, we thought it'd be transparent and honest to share what are the accessibility standards that we live by, hoping other organizations could do the same, and reflect on it themselves as well.

No content we do will always be 100% accessible, just because it is realistically impossible:

  1. English content will not always be translated in other languages
  2. Content in other spoken languages will not always be translated in English / other languages
  3. Content in sign language will not always be captioned or spoken with a voice-over
  4. Videos in spoken language will not be always be signed in ASL or other sign languages
  5. Spoken language video will not always be captioned

We will strive however to:

  1. Have spoken language videos captioned in the language of this video when we make these videos (exception made with live videos not allowing us to upload captions in real-time for now)
  2. Have a corresponding transcript, spoken video, captions equivalent to the sign language videos that we make.

These are the standards we live by, relative to accessibility of our marketing content.
Since our team is small and our resources are limited, we have to make decisions on what to prioritize. These decisions may not always be along what you wish for, but it's ours to make in the end, and we stay independent of our choices. 

Hence, if our own standards are respected, we do not feel shameful, when our actions are cogent with them. We thought they might be helpful for you to be aware of them, and help set expectations in the future.

Please note that we always pay attention to what the community says. No standard is immutable and any can evolve as we evolve in capabilities and opinions. We are humans, make mistakes and constantly pay attention to a changing world.

Thanks for reading.

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