Ava is a voice recognition technology app which creates automated subtitles of any spoken communication, thus making it inclusive for deaf & hard-of-hearing people.

  • In group conversations, participants just connect together via the Ava app and discuss as usual. Words you speak will be transcribed and appear on every smartphone in the same Ava conversation. Participants who don't use their voice can type on their keyboard, their answer will show up and can be voiced by the app.
  • In locations where Ava has been setup, such as presentations, events, ceremonies, look or ask for the Ava Name associated to the location. If you have the Ava app, type this Ava Name in Ava to access the real-time captions on your screen. If you see a sign with the Ava QR code, just scan it with your camera to join via your mobile browser, no app needed.

Use your camera to scan an Ava QR code and join instantly the friend or location


Coming soon: First time experience scanning a QR code displayed at the location and joining a continuous captioned

Join a conversation by entering an Ava NameĀ 

Coming soon: 1st time experience Join a friend/room and entering Ava Name, then seeing the group conversation

Click on the invite link to automatically download and join your friend

Coming soon: 1st time experience with a deep link (invitation) connecting you to the group conversation

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