Learn step-by-step how to use Ava at work, in every situation you're in, to make your workplace 100% accessible! You'll find these instructions as a guide here, and additional setup information for your accessibility manager here.

  • See first for yourself the value Ava brings you in your day-to-day
  • Test it with a few coworkers you work with everyday to convince them about its usefulness.
  • Make it official with your manager, who will help you make the rest of situations Ava accessible.
  • We'll be with you at every step of the way - we have experience helping out deaf & hard-of-hearing people like you in the workplace!

Let's start!

1. Try it with a coworker you're close with

First, do you have a hearing coworker you're close with? It can be someone from your team you know well, but also a very friendly face you say hi to on a regular basis. Or a tech-savvy person if you're not too tech-savvy to help you out.

  • Try Ava to caption your co-worker's words, first with your smartphone in a simple face-to-face conversation with them. 
  • Offer them to get Ava on their phone for easier communications together. You can send them an invitation via email using Share or ask them to manually add you by sharing your Ava Name.
  • Did it go well? Use this first experience to ask them if they would help you talk to the rest of the team to try it out in a small group. Two people onboard is going to make things much easier!

2. Try with a small group

Can you think of some casual or semi-formal meetings within your team at work? It could be at the coffee break, for lunch, or during a small meeting together. These are great opportunities to try Ava with more coworkers and getting a hang of the group functions of Ava in a group where you are familiar with everyone.

  • Learn our tips on having a great group conversation.
  • Pick one of these moments and focus on having the maximum of coworkers there to download the app and experience a real captioned group conversation with Ava.
  • You can talk to them in-person to explain them like you did with your first coworker, and even ask them for help trying this experiment together.
  • Don't give up if you have a few No's - things can take time. Main reasons we heard: phones are too old, no space left, or passwords forgotten can slow the process. If you have 3/4 participants connect with you on Ava it's already great progress!

3. Ask the help of your manager to introduce Ava

Talking to your manager about Ava is important. Since their interest if that you perform well at work, you can show them that Ava helps you gain time by accessing information more effectively and cooperate well with the rest of your team

  • Request a 15-minute meeting with your manager, with 2 objectives: show them how Ava helps you communicate, and ask to help you inform the rest of your team & coworkers about it to make using it together easier, with your manager's support. You can use this email template for ideas on how to request the meeting.
  • If you're more familiar with the previous steps, don't be shy about using Ava for this short meeting with your manager.
  • If you'll be standing in front of each other, 🔄  Rotate your phone so the microphone is closer and gain 10% accuracy. Learn more about 1-1 interaction.
  • Sitting across each other? Lay your phone on the table right in front of them. If you have hard time seeing your screen because of this, invite them to install Ava on their phone, or buy and connect a Bluetooth microphone to hand them, and follow what is said on your phone. This will also enable faster back-and-forth, as you can type on your phone keyboard. For even faster answering (if your manager doesn't understand your voice, you might consider this Bluetooth keyboard which will be very useful using Ava at work)

Some answers to important questions that may come up 

  • How much does Ava cost? Free up to 5 hours each month, but you'll need a the Ava Professional plan for unlimited captioning time. More information here.
  • How secure/private is this? Ava uses an enterprise-grade cloud server, with every conversation audio anonymized and stored in fragments. Conversation notes are text-only and cannot be used as evidence. Proof that we're very serious about security, we are used by top banks & Fortune 500 companies. More information here.
  • If you're already using Ava with a coworker, you can ask them if they can help you to explain how Ava is useful to your manager with you.
  • We may help you reach out to your manager for you. Ask us here.

4. Have your first group meeting

Pick a formal regular meeting and this time try to use Ava there, with everyone.
Read throughly our tips on group conversations here.

Best is if every coworker has Ava on their phone so you can see what they say. Give them a heads up by email, for example, use the Share function to share an email with an invite link to Ava. If it's a presentation

When the meeting starts, give them your Ava Name if they have never connected with you or ask to open the email you sent them so they can join you. You'll need to accept new contacts who ask to join the conversation.

5. Other situations at work

1-1 with clients, outsiders or job interviews.
Have an important meeting with a client?  A job interview? Grabbing coffee with a new coworker? Use Ava in face-to-face mode

Peer-to-peer training.
Does a coworker need to teach/train you at something?

  • Use 1 phone placed between both of you during the session
  • Or invite them to the app at the start, it’ll be easier/faster to communicate.

Large meeting/conference/presentation
If you cannot get a captioner or interpreter for this session (ideal), here are a few ways you can use Ava to have live captioning of a big gathering.

  1. If the meeting takes place in a formal presentation room (amphitheater, large conference room) with a sound system (you can know if you can see speakers and an audio table), you have the option to initially setup the room once by working with the audio engineer to be Ava-accessible, to access live Ava captioning, 98.5% accurate, anytime you're in this room without any other effort from participants. Interested? Read about setting up Ava Event.
  2. If the meeting involves mainly one speaker (casual presentation) who can be asked to wear an appropriate microphone, read about setting up a presentation.
  3. If the meeting involves many speakers (team meeting), try to aim at half of the room at least with Ava.  If you are able to convince your manager to have your whole team download the app, you’ll have half of the room equipped with Ava!  An Ava user can then sit next to a non-Ava user, and share one smartphone.

Video calls, audio-only conference calls
See this article

Lunch break
Read our recommendations using Ava during a meal!

6. Make sure you're all set for 100% accessibility!

Once you've educated yourself on these situations, we hope you were able to put it into practice, and that Ava becomes useful for you in these situations. 

Depending on how often you use Ava and if it brings you value, you might find that the free 5 hours every month is not enough for your professional needs. Via your manager, you can ask your organization to sponsor the Ava Professional plan to have unlimited captioning time. Please share this document with your manager for all the information about upgrading you to Ava Professional.

Also, for situations you don't have a good experience with Ava, feel free to ask us about it. Sometimes the setup can be tweaked, according to the context. Also, keep an eye on our new updates as we'll keep improving and making the total accessibility experience better and easier over time.

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