You can use Ava to view real-time captions of what is being said during the services at your worship center. However, just your smartphone microphone will not be powerful enough to "hear" what the speakers say. If your Worship Center has a sound system with microphones and speakers, Ava can connect with that (otherwise, read this). 

If Ava has been setup at your place of worship already,

Look for signage or communication showing you the Ava Name or Ava QR code to scan. It's free, quick and easy to connect and view the captions.

When you're done, you can end or exit the session with the red cross (top right).

If Ava has not been setup at your Worship Center (yet!)

If you know the staff well enough to ask them to use Ava...

  • Give them information on how they can setup Ava accessibility for this event by sharing this guide and the video below:

Advocating for your needs? Yes, you can!

  • If the place of worship is small and you can come see the clergy before the ceremony to wear a microphone, read this guide to make Ava work there. This is a good way to try out Ava without the full venue set up, and get an idea of how well it does for you.
  • If this is a larger church where it's hard for you to see the clergy beforehand, here's another way to approach it.

    1) Order this and this. The good news is that with a little courage, you will be able to use these to caption any venue you'll need to be at in your life.

    2) Read here instructions on how to set up Ava at the location. Printing it can be a good idea.

    3) Can you get another tablet, smartphone or computer (that can access Wifi) than the one you have Ava with? This will help if the location doesn't have one. Bring both devices charged, and a charger if you can.

    4) Come 15'-30' earlier of the ceremony, and ask if they have any accessibility accommodation. If they don't, explain that you brought your own smart captioner, that can bring captions for you to follow the event, that can be set up in less than 5 minutes. Show the guide you printed and ask to see an audio engineer (usually working at the audio mixers of the room) to try to set it up.

    5) Follow the instructions to a) connect the hardware, b) setup one of the device with Ava on. If you can, keep your smartphone charged. If you brought 2 devices, you can leave one of the device near the audio system, and go into the audience, follow on your device the live-captions. If you have Ava Professional or Ava Campus, you'll be able to follow on a computer using Ava Web.

    6) Did it work well? Show/save the transcript in the end, and propose one of the staff members to make this an official setup. If they're OK with this, there's not much to do: sell them the equipment (the cable and the iRig), and invite them to download Ava, and setup an account on one of the smart device of the place, so they can make the house of worship permanently accessible! Hats on to you, if you made it happen.
  • Any question for us? Ask us right there or see the FAQ below.

If you've tried it but it didn't work, or would prefer that we help

  • Find the contact information of the place of worship.
  • Fill the accessibility request with the button below, so we can help you request accessibility for this event.
  • We'll be in touch to guide you and try to set up Ava for you by contacting the staff.

FAQ - Place of Worship

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