The Ava Pocket Kit is made of 2 simple pieces, with a total cost of less than $15. It enables you to add Ava captions to any form of digital audio that includes people talking (not music), such as online videos (education courses, Facebook Live, YouTube), podcasts, radio, and even audio/video conference calls. This, as long as you can have play it on your computer or another separate smartphone/tablet than the one you use for Ava

The Pocket Kit also works for tours where visitors listen to an audio-guide, learn more here.

Ava Pocket Kit

  • Smartphone audio adapter. Plug one end to the device audio port, the other to your smartphone audio port with Ava, so Ava can hear the digital audio and caption it.
  • (optional) Audio splitter, if you want to hear the audio too as it is captioned. You will need to to plug your own headphones/headset to it.

Disclaimer: The audio cable does not always work right away. In some cases you may have to plug/unplug a few times before the phone recognizes the audio signal (both on the phone and laptop end). If this doesn't work try to switch the microphone on/off.

For some TVs without a jack audio port, you'll need different equipment.
Contact us for information.

If you don't have the Pocket Kit

You can certainly try to use the loud speakers of your device and lay Ava next to it. It will not be as accurate as with the Pocket Kit or a normal human voice, expect between 20%-40% only. The most important is that your device is close to the source of the sound. If you watch TV for example, put Ava next to your TV so that the microphone is really close to the sound. Then connect, if necessary, to another device that also has Ava installed, so you can read captions comfortably.

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