If you're not sure how users usually connect on Ava, read this.

❓  If what's happening is...

You have a friend on Ava or an Ava Name you're trying to connect to, but while you tapped on Connect you didn't join the conversation.

💡  Here are things you can try:

  • Create an Ava account if you don't have one already, and ask your friend to connect to you rather than you to them, by sharing them your Ava Name.
  • Swipe off your Ava app (this will quit Ava), and open it again. Try connecting normally.
  • Ask your friend to check if their push notifications are enabled for Ava.

😱   If none of this worked:
We're sorry to hear this. Send us a message by clicking the bubble here, at the right side, so we can help you.

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