Crowdfunder charges a 3% fee plus VAT to any crowd pledges received by projects that meet their target (on all or nothing), or to all projects that run on flexible funding.

There are no fees payable on any Aviva employee donations your project receives - fees only apply to pledges from your crowd.

Transaction fees
Crowdfunder charges a payment processing fee of 1.9% + 23p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards and 3.25% + 25p (per pledge) + VAT on non-EEA cards

Here is an example if someone pledges £100 on your project:

• Crowdfunder’s fee is 3% + VAT (£3.60 inc VAT)

• Transaction fee for payment processing is 1.9% + 23p (£2.13)

• VAT is also added to the transaction fee at 43p

A total of £6.16 would be taken for a pledge of £100 made using a UK/EU card, and you would receive £93.84.

Gift Aid

Don’t forget,  if you’re a registered charity you should be able to claim Gift Aid on your
project which will more than offset your fees.

Charities can claim back £25 on every £100 donated as part of a crowdfunding campaign.

To add Gift Aid click on the edit project button on your dashboard and go to the Basics section

Then scroll down to tick the Enable Gift Aid button. The gift aid box will then be enabled for donations.

When adding rewards, tick the box to say that the reward is eligible for Gift Aid and the Gift Aid option will appear when supporters pledge on that reward.

You can find further information on Gift Aid here:

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