When you log into your project dashboard, you will see the following notification.

Click on complete setup to begin.

Take care to select the right option for your bank account type.

Select business if you have a company number and file your records with Companies House (even if you also have a charity registration).

Complete your organisation details.

Registered Address: The business name and address must exactly match the business name and address registered with Companies House.

Legal representative: Your legal representative must be an active director, as listed on Companies House. You will need to upload their ID later in the setup process. The name, DOB and address details must therefore exactly match their ID – for example, if their legal first name is Robert, don't enter Rob.

Upload required documents.

ALL of the following documents must:

  • Include all pages

  • Be signed and dated (if appropriate)

  • Be saved as .pdf, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif or .png

ID document: Upload the ID of the legal representative you listed above. Make sure the .pdf image is clear, in date and show all corners and edges of the ID.

Proof of registration: Your proof of registration must be an official copy from Companies House, which you can download directly from their website. Upload your certificate of incorporation here if it is less than 12 months old or upload a copy of your latest confirmation statement.

Certified articles of association: This is the document that outlines the purpose of the

organisation and the responsibilities of its members. If you are registered with Companies House, this will be your original incorporation document. If your Memorandum and Articles of Association have been updated since then, please upload the latest version. Please ensure you company name and registration. number are included on the document (if you have changed the company name since the document was made you will need to merge the certificate of name change with the document).

If your legal representative is not mentioned by name in your certified articles of association document, we will ask for proof that this person is linked to the business or organisation. You will therefore need to provide an AP01 form, which can be downloaded from your Companies House file.

Complete the Shareholder UBO declaration.

Enter the details of any shareholder with a 25% share or higher. If your organisation does not have shareholders, please provide the information of persons of significant control (PSC). As a business registered with Companies House, you must include details for all registered PSC.

If you do not have shareholders or persons of significant control please enter the details of the same person you entered in the legal representative section.

If your PSC are not listed in your incorporation document, or your PSC have changed since incorporation, you must upload additional proof of their appointment. This could be one of the following documents downloaded from your Companies House file:

— A PSC001 form.

— Your latest annual accounts.

If you are not able to provide either of these documents, please complete this shareholder's declaration form. You can complete this online and input an electronic signature. Next, you must upload your additional proof in the Shareholder declaration section of your wallet (as pictured below).

Overview of required documentation

Companies House company search:



Complete your bank account details

When completing this section, please note that the account holder must be your business name (not an individual’s name). This must EXACTLY match the business name set up above. Please also use the same address that is on your bank statement (even if this is not the same as your registered address- for example it may be a home address if someone is designated to receive the statements).

Upload your bank statement.

This must EXACTLY match the business bank account details submitted above. It must also include the following information in order to be accepted:

  1. Bank logo

  2. Business name

  3. Business address

  4. Account number and sort code

  5. Statement date (within the last 6 months)

We cannot accept Excel downloads, .xlsx copies or screenshots of your statement. It must be a PDF or a scan or photo of a statement. We can not accept a transaction list that does not show an ADDRESS.

Here’s an example of what we need to see:

Check your extra funding wallet after 72 hours to see if your documents have been verified or if you need to resubmit them. In the case where verification fails, you will see the following notification in the extra funding section of your dashboard. You will also be notified by email that you need to resubmit one or more of your documents.

Email support@communityfund.aviva.com if you need further assistance.

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