For the Aviva Community Fund, you’ll be crowdfunding to raise funds for your project. These funds will come from a combination of pledges from your network of supporters, and donations from the Aviva UK employees that are tasked with distributing the Aviva Community Fund.

How will the Aviva employee donations work?

  • Aviva is sharing £250,000 of the Aviva Community Fund across UK employees. It’s up to them to decide what projects they donate to

  • From the date your project launches, everyone can see your page and the public can make donations

  • Employee donations begin one week later. From this date, Aviva employees will be able to choose which cause they support with their donation

  • Whether attracting employee donations or pledges from your networks and the general public, the key elements are; an engaging project page, activity on social media and local press and a good number of early pledges. Getting a strong number of supporters early on will give your project credibility and make it more appealing to wider audiences. It is also important to have a realistic target and the closer towards reaching your initial goal you are, the more visible your page will be.

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