The Investments feature is designed to help you analyze all your investments in one place.

Investments Portfolio Performance

What does my Portfolio Performance (green line) represent?

Your Portfolio Performance represents the performance of your holdings from all your synced brokerages.

How is my Portfolio Performance (green line) calculated?

Your portfolio's gain/loss equals the total dollar change in securities held for the selected accounts identified in the account selector. This balance only factors in securities held and does not include any pending activity (debits/credits) within the selected accounts.

For securities priced intraday, such as stocks and ETFs, today's gain/loss is calculated using the last available price.

For securities priced daily, such as mutual funds, today's gain/loss is calculated and reflected at end of day around 10pm PST (may vary).

What does the S&P 500 (pink line) represent?

The S&P 500 Index features 500 leading U.S. publicly traded companies and is widely considered one of the best gauges of the entire equities market.

Investments Portfolio Mix

What does my Portfolio Mix represent?

Your Portfolio Mix represents the composition of all your holdings from all your synced brokerages.

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