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With AWEbase, you can communicate with your clients, track jobs and job offers, submit files, sign contracts, and more!

First steps: connecting to a client

Before we get into AWEbase definitions and workflow, let's look at connecting to a client.

Chances are, you joined AWEbase because one of your clients sent an email inviting you here. That's great! We're glad you're here! Before you can discuss a project or accept a job from an organization - including your client - you need to connect with that organization.

Here's how to connect with an organization:

  1. Go to the Organizations screen, then click on the name of the organization to see its details.

  2. The contact information and other details of the organization are displayed on the screen.

  3. Click "Accept Invitation" to connect with this organization. Doing so shares your AWEbase contact information and portfolio with the organization, allows them to send you work offers, and allows you to see the inquiries they send you.

AWEbase terminology

Here’s a brief overview of the terms you’ll find on the AWEbase platform.

  • A Deliverable is a distinct component of work - such as a single illustration, news article, or 3D model - that you've been contracted to deliver. On the Deliverables screen, you can see any Deliverable's details and reference, track feedback from the client, and upload files for review.

  • A Job is a contractual agreement between you and your client, and can include multiple Deliverables. (For example, if you’re been contracted to record three different songs, each song would be its own Deliverable, but all three are part of the same job.) On the Jobs screen, you can see your Jobs' contracts and Deliverables. 

  • A JobOpp Inquiry is an invitation from a potential client to check out a project. On the JobOpp Inquiries screen, you can see all the projects that you have been offered, and exchange messages with the organizations who sent them.

  • The Organizations screen lists all the clients you’ve worked with, your contacts in those organizations, and the Jobs you have done or are doing for them. You need to connect with an Organization on its screen in order for it to send you JobOpp Inquiries or Jobs.

  • The Portfolio screen is where you can upload and display samples of your work.

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