You may wish to assign a Deliverable internally to a staff member, rather than an outside contractor. Doing so is easy: it doesn't need a contract, or the Deliverable to be part of a Job, but merely requires is the Deliverable to be marked assignable.

  1. Go to the Deliverables screen and click on the Deliverable you wish to assign.

  2. Click the "Assign Internally" button to open the "Assign Internal Deliverable" pop-up.

  3. Choose a staff member from the drop-down menu in order to assign the Deliverable to that person.

  4. Click the "Assign Internally" button.

Assign multiple Deliverables

You can assign multiple Deliverables to the same staff member at the same time. To do so:

  1. Go to the Deliverables screen.

  2. Check the boxes next to the Deliverables you wish to assign. (Note that they must all be marked assignable.)

  3. Choose "Assign Internally" from the "Action" drop-down menu, then choose a staff member per the instructions above.

Manage your assigned Deliverables

To find Deliverables that have been assigned to you, go to the Deliverables screen, use the "Assigned to" filter, and select yourself.


  • The coordinator for a Deliverable is the staff member responsible for the Deliverable, whether it's assigned to an outside contractor or an internal staff member.

  • If you are the coordinator for a Deliverable, it is possible to assign it internally to yourself.

  • Whether or not a staff member can internally assign a Deliverable depends on that member's role and that role's permissions.

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