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Import and Export Deliverables
Import and Export Deliverables

Import or Export Deliverables with .csv files

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Import Deliverables

Creating the Template

You can download the template to import Deliverables here.

Each of the columns need to have the data entered/formatted correctly for the import to function:

  • title - a string of letters or numbers to be used as the Deliverable title

    • ex. Imported Deliverable

  • release - the desired Release's ID, found in the URL while on the Release's detail.


  • description - a string of letters or numbers to be used as the Deliverable description

    • ex. This is a deliverable that is imported

  • category - the desired Category's ID, found in the URL while in the Category's detail (in Settings/Customization).


  • category_type - the name of the category type associated with the desired category

    • ex. 3D Model

  • due_date - the due date for the Deliverable specified in YYYY-MM-DD format

    • ex. 2021-12-21

  • amount - a number to be used for the Deliverable amount.

    • ex. 250

  • currency_code - the three letter code for the desired currency

    • ex. USD

  • tags - a string of letters or numbers to be used as tags for the Deliverable. They can be existing tags or new tags (the import will create the tag and associate it to the Deliverable). If you wish to attach multiple tags you may by separating the tags with pipe ( | ) characters.

    • ex. New Tag 1 | New Tag 2 | Existing Tag

Importing the Template

Once the template is filled out, you can import it into AWEbase. The Import Deliverables function is located in the Global Create menu.

Once clicked a dialog will appear where you can upload the template. To initiate the import click Import. If there are any issues with your template, you will receive a list of errors to fix before continuing. Once any errors have been resolved click Import again; the Deliverables will be imported to your Organization.

Exporting Deliverables

To export Deliverables, select the Deliverables you wish to export in the Deliverables list. Once the Deliverables are selected expand the Action dropdown and select Export.

AWEbase will export the selected Deliverables as a .csv file.

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