General about tasks

Tasks are the foundation for work organization in awork. With them, you'll be able to write detailed briefings, work on them together as a team, record times, and make progress transparent.

You can find out more about what tasks can do and what the individual fields mean here: task details.

Create a task

In awork, tasks can be created in different places and in different ways:

  • Via the green add button in the app header

  • In the project tasks

  • In the menu item Tasks

  • Via emails

  • Via the quick actions

The different ways to create a task are briefly explained below.

Create tasks via the task window

The window for creating new tasks can be found in many places in awork (e.g., the project tasks, tasks, or via the add button in the app header).

In the window, you can add all the details about your task next to its name, including file attachments, subtasks, and a planned effort.

You'll find a description of all fields in the article about the task details.

If you select a project, a project task will be created. If you don't select a project, you create a private task for you or the selected user. Learn more about the differences between private and project tasks.

☝️Hint: If you select 'Create another task?', the window will stay open, and you'll be able to create the next task directly.

Create tasks within a task list

To create a new task directly in a task list, simply click the Add Task area at the top of the list. Alternatively, you can move the mouse pointer to the position where the new task should be created. Then the option to create the task there between two existing tasks will appear.

Now enter the name of the task and select the activity. If you press Enter, the task will be saved. You'll be able to enter further information either directly in the task list or in the task details.

☝️Important: Creating tasks in lists works only in the project tasks, not in the menu item Tasks.

Create tasks via quick actions

You open the input for the quick creation of tasks by pressing the t key anywhere in awork (as long as you are not writing something somewhere).

In this window, you're able to write down your task, assign project, list, deadline, and users and save it with Enter/Return.

Using slash commands also allows you to make the assignment without using the mouse pointer. Just type '/' in the task field, and awork will automatically search for possible actions, for example assigning a user, a project, or a list of projects.

You're also able to upload files by simply dragging and dropping them into the window or adding them using the slash command '/file'.

After saving, the window will remain open, allowing you to create the next task.

Close the window by clicking on the red close icon, by pressing the ESC key or by clicking on the background. The latter only works if you have not yet entered any text in the field.

With the successful creation of the task, a confirmation notice appears in the upper right corner of the window. If you click on it, you will be taken directly to the task.

☝️Hint: When you open the window within a project, exactly that project is already preselected.

☝️Important: Currently it is not yet possible to set tags, the activity, prio, description, start date as well as the planned effort for a task within the quick task creation.

Create tasks from emails

There is a possibility in awork to create private and project tasks by forwarding emails. Learn more about creating tasks via emails.

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