As a Taxify Partner, you are the master of your business- providing safe, comfortable, timely service to riders is the key to keeping a high rating and thus getting more rides. 

  1. Drive at busy times: Rush hour and weekend evenings are busy times for rideshare drivers, particularly around the downtown core. To make sure you’re getting lots of rides (and earning lots of money!), be online weekdays between 7 - 10 AM and 4 - 7 PM and weekends between 9 PM and 3 AM. Once your rider has been dropped off, head back to the busier areas to continue getting rides.
  2. Keep your car clean: Make sure your vehicle is clean inside and out, and the front seat is moved forward to allow for more leg room in the back seats. Regular car washes and interior cleans go a long way, as does a vehicle air freshener. Keeping your trunk clear also allows for smoother moving of rider luggage or belongings. 
  3. Keep your car inviting: Little things like keeping water bottles in your car and allowing riders to select their own music goes a long way to getting a high rating. You can pre-tune popular radio stations (Z103.5 and 93.5 The Move are two popular Toronto options), and keep an auxiliary cord ready for passenger input. Ask about music preferences when a rider first enters your vehicle. 
  4. Be friendly and presentable: When your rider first enters the vehicle, smile and greet them. Pay attention to whether they seem to want to talk or be left to themselves. Clean dress, polite conversation (as appropriate), deodorant, and chewing gum are all ways of letting the rider know you care about their experience while they’re driving with you. 
  5. Drive safely and smoothly: A safe, smooth drive will help ensure your riders give you a positive rating. Be sure to obey all local traffic laws* (be sure to keep your phone mounted to the dash), ensure all passengers are wearing their seatbelts, and remain calm in the face of traffic or inconsiderate drivers. Driving smoothly also keeps your car’s fuel efficiency lower, saving you money on gas. More info on safe driving here.
  6. Always accept riders with service animals: While Taxify Partners are allowed to refuse entry of pets, regardless of allergies or religious sanctions- individuals with service animals must be accommodated by law. Tip: Keep a blanket in your trunk and place it on the seat before a service animal enters the vehicle.

*Read up on the Ontario Highway Traffic Act here.

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