There has never been a better time to drive with Taxify than now. With Taxify, you earn KSh 178 more than our closest competitor. Imagine that, a cool KSh 178 more!

Please have look at the table below:

What do we learn from the above table:

  1. We are giving a 15% bonus per trip!
  2. The average trip price in Taxify is KSh 465 and for Competitor 1 KSh 383.
  3. Competitor 1 is taking a 25% service charge, which reduces your earnings to KSh 287. 
  4.  Thus with Taxify, you are making KSh 178 more, imagine that!
  5. Taxify's minimum fee is KSh 200, for Competitor 1 KSh 112.5 (after a 25% service charge deduction). Again for minimum fees, you make KSH 87.5 more with Taxify!

We've always kept our promise to economically empower drivers by having the best rates. Spread the word!

Taxify Nairobi Team

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