Dear Partner,

Thanks for choosing to drive and earn good money with Taxify.

We are excited to have you as a strategic partner in this noble quest of transforming the way people move in Lagos. 

To adequately ensure that we do not compromise on our service delivery. We have come up with a framework which we hope would guide your operations, increase your knowledge base and ultimately lead to an improved service quality.


  1. Vehicle should be clean (interior & Exterior}
  2. Check your phone – kindly visit here  for a list for recommended phones models.
  3. Set your driving radius to a maximum of 2km to avoid long distance pickup trips.
  4. When you receive a order, swipe to accept the request.
  5. Try to accept all orders! Do not tell riders to cancel requests if you do not want to fulfill the order
  6. Always call the rider before you start moving towards him/her for pick up. That adds a personal touch and reduces the level of on-road cancellations.


  1. Smile & Greet the rider
  2. Ask for the name & phone number of the rider before you start trip.
  3. Please always remember to ‘START TRIP’
  4. Be courteous to your rider – Ask him/her for her favorite radio station, if the volume is high or low? If the AC Temperature is okay?
  5. Be Proactive and ask how you may be of help.
  6. Don’t answer calls while driving
  7. Don’t raise your voice towards the rider. Maintain high-level decorum at all times.
  8. Always ask the rider before you make any decision while driving and or while operating the app e.g Starting the trip, Taking the best route.


  1. Ensure you show your rider the fare displayed on your app. Do not add extra fees, you did not incur while on a ride. Also do not generate a higher fare as the rider will receive a receipt after the ride, charging higher than the receipt is indeed dubious.
  2. Don’t ask for ratings – Just say ‘ Thanks for choosing Taxify’. 
  3. Check if your rider left any items in your vehicle. If yes, please bring this to the office.

When you drive through a toll gate on a ride YOU are to pay it to pass through. At the end ride the toll charge will be added automatically to the ride fare which the rider will then pay 

Do not park illegally around the airports as your vehicle will be towed and that will attract a fine.

Make sure you're parked in a secure location (Preferably the car park) while waiting for rides and only drive to pick up point when your rider is outside.

As soon as the rider leaves your vehicle, please check the passenger seating area for forgotten items. If you notice any. kindly bring the item to the Office. We would communicate to the rider and item would be picked up.

N.B Kindly adhere to these guidelines. Let them guide your communication to riders. Remember we regard you as a strategic partner so please act the part, let’s build Taxify together.

We are very reachable for more info, complaints & enquiries.
Call 08021818881 or send a mail to

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