Taxify commission invoices are sent out in the first 3 days of every month by email.

This invoice shows the total amount due as Taxify commissions due for all app orders after a summation of App Payments, bonus compensations received, commissions deducted weekly (as invoices), and total already payouts made to driver-partner (from App payments and bonuses) for the period stated. 

Above is an example of the monthly invoice; different from the weekly invoice, and it states the period for which it is valid with payment details to resolve outstanding balances with reference number to attach to payment.

Understanding Invoice line items

App Orders: This is our commission taken for all app orders for the period stated in bracket. It shows as positive as this is an invoice for payment.
Subsequent line items are bonus compensations added and they are deducted from app orders to arrive at total payment due as "Total Including VAT (NGN)"

Our commissions for all rides are taken from in-app payment rides, as driver-partners collect all cash for cash rides. However, there are more cash than in-app payment rides resulting in outstanding commissions to be collected for some driver-partners.

Final balance at the end of the period refers to driver-partner balance at the end of the month.

(App payments + Compensations) - Invoices - Payouts

If balance is positive, it will be paid as payout to driver-partner on the next payout cycle.
If balance is negative, it means there is an outsanding balance on commissions due for app orders.

See an illustration of balance summary below:

After summation of App payments, compensations, invoices and payouts, we arrive at the balance for the month, if said balance is negative, the amount is to be paid to Taxify as commissions for trips done during the month.

Ordinarily, outstanding balances are carried over weekly. However, monthly invoices are sent to driver-partners, and they are to remit outstanding balances before due date stated on the invoice to avoid account suspension

How to pay outstanding negative balance

Driver-partners with negative balances are to make payment to bank details provided on invoice sent:

Zenith Bank
Account Number: 1015255841

Payment is to be made with reference number stated in invoice sent.

N.B: Failure to remit outstanding balance before the due date will result in temporary suspension of driver-partners account till payment is made.

Driver-partners are to thoroughly look through invoice sent and confirm if they have an outstanding negative balance i.e amount To be paid.

Please note, only driver-partners with outstanding balance payment are to remit via the payment link i.e if your amount "To be Paid" is ₦0.00 you do not have any outstanding balance payment.

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