1. Asking for destinations on the phone: Remember, asking for your rider's destination on the phone gives a poor customer experience and will lead to lower ratings. Avoid at all cost #TaxifyTips
  2. Refusing card trips: Remember, card payments are convenient for your riders and safer for you. Do not refuse trips with card payments  or ask riders to pay cash instead. This can lead to an account suspension #TaxifyTips
  3. Planning your daily and weekly expenses: Remember, you cannot be sure of the payment method your riders will choose. Plan wisely and set aside funds for fueling without depending on the daily fare from your trips. #TaxifyTips
  4. Dirty and faulty cars: Remember. If your car is faulty or dirty; take immediate action to fix or clean it. This is very important to ensure great service quality to riders and good ratings for you #TaxifyTips
  5. Speaking to riders: Remember to be polite, friendly and pleasant at all times! Happy Driver = Happy Rider! #TaxifyTips
  6. Using a phone while driving: Remember, avoid using your phone when driving. Do not receive calls or reply texts when on a trip with your rider #TaxifyTips
  7. Starting a trip: Remember, your rider MUST be in the car before starting the trip. Avoid unnecessary complaints regarding this and protect your rating #TaxifyTips
  8. Adding new cars: Remember, you can easily add your car via the driver portal. For details, check https://goo.gl/pxQCJT #TaxifyTips
  9. Cancelling Requests: Remember, do not ask your rider to cancel. If you are unable to pickup your rider; communicate the reason to the rider first, then cancel the trip. Also ensure you provide the reason for the cancellation in the app #TaxifyTips
  10. Navigation: Remember, your knowledge of Lagos is very important in providing excellent service to every riders. Consult your map for assistance in finding your way and get to know your city. #TaxifyTips
  11. Confirming Pickup: Remember, always drive to the pickup location in the app. If you need confirmation, call the rider to verify the exact pick up location and let them know how long it should take you to get to their location #TaxifyTips
  12. Confirm Route: Remember, asking if the rider has a preferred route will ensure they are more comfortable on the trip and avoid arguments about the route taken at the end of the trip #TaxifyTips
  13. Ratings: Remember, that your rider can only rate if you take them on a trip. When on the trip, give great service, be polite and remain civil & professional all the time to get 5 star ratings every time #TaxifyTips
  14. Inaccurate fares: Remember, if you believe your fare is not accurate; follow the due process. For card trips - request a fare review! For cash trips - have the rider perform a fare estimate and collect the middle value and then let use know also using the fare review option #TaxifyTips
  15. Rider did not pay: Remember, on cash trips your rider is to pay at the end of the journey. Ensure to collect your cash but also remember to handle difficult situations delicately and with utmost professionalism. Report all unresolved situations to Taxify #TaxifyTips
  16. Self Orders: Remember, your riders are to make requests from their own app. If you meet someone who does not have the app, encourage them to download the Taxify app. Do not request yourself! #TaxifyTips
  17. Correct Details: Remember, if you change your phone number ensure to communicate this change to Taxify before you start driving again. This is to avoid complaints from your riders. #TaxifyTips
  18. Appearance: Remember, the way you dress determines the way rider's interact with you. Clean shirts, neat jeans, appropriate footwear… Dress the way you want to be addressed #TaxifyTips
  19. Taxify as a business: Remember, driving with Taxify is a business: Plan ahead, save money for expenses like fuel, tolls and change; treat customers well and you will be successful! #TaxifyTips
  20. Payouts: Remember, Mondays are our payout days. Check your ending balance for last week to confirm the amount you are to be paid. You will receive your payout promptly so do not reject card trips. And also remember that the minimum amount you must have for payout is ₦2000 #TaxifyTips
  21. Comfort Category Drivers: Remember, as your current car is in the comfort category, your riders are expecting a greater level of comfort and customer service to justify the higher fares. #TaxifyTips
  22. Security: Remember your safety is paramount at all times. Do not subject yourself to unnecessary risks when out on the road. If you have a legitimate security concern, you have the right to cancel or decline a trip. However, do not abuse this as there are repercussions. #TaxifyTips
  23. Festive & Holiday Season: Remember that the festive and holiday seasons comes with increased number of rides but also slightly higher security risk. Be security conscious at all times especially during late hours. Your safety is important to Taxify. #TaxifyTips
  24. Confirming Destination: Remember that the way you interact with riders is very important. After your rider joins you in the car, instead of asking "where are you going?" ask "where will you like to go today?" with a smile and your trip is off to a great start! #TaxifyTips
  25. Accidents: Remember that accidents can happen when you are out on the road. If you are involved in an accident where your car is badly damaged, confirm your riders safety and end the trip so the rider can request a different ride to complete their trip. Always drive defensively to avoid accidents at all times. #TaxifyTips
  26. Uninspected Cars: Remember, driving an uninspected car will lead to poor customer experience, security concerns for the rider and low ratings for you. Ensure your vehicle has been inspected and enjoying earning with Taxify  #TaxifyTips
  27. Fraud Warning: Remember, Taxify has a Zero Tolerance for fraudulent activities. We urge all our partners to be vigilant and report any suspicious actions. Do not participate in fraudulent activities nor let your account be used by others. Your account is linked to your identity. Protect it! #TaxifyTips

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