A driver does his/her trips from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59

Riders can choose between Cash and Card Payment. Card trips shows up as Taxify Payment or In-app Payment on the app and in your balances.

Your Balance - A breakdown of the specifics of your weekly earnings, it is made up of your

  • Starting Balance - Money in your account at the start of that week
  • Payout - Amount paid out to you that week
  • In-app Payments - Card trips fares for that week
  • Bonuses - All bonuses earned that week
  • Commission - 15% of all fares (Cash & Card) for the week
  • Ending Balance - Amount in your account at the end of that week

On the following Monday, a balances statement will be sent via email, detailing the calculation referred to above

If you have a positive balance as at Sunday 23:59:

  • If the amount is more than N2000, We will pay this out into the bank account details linked to the driver account on Monday (please allow 1 working days for the amount to reflect in your bank account)
  • If the amount is less than N2000, we will carry this amount over and it will be your new starting balance for the new week but will not be paid. This will be added to the balance for the next week.

If you have a negative balance as at Sunday 23:59:

  • This means you are currently having a lot more cash trips than card trips and are owing some commissions from these trips.

How to check your ending balance
Your Earnings Portal can be accessed from the Home screen of the app

Step 1: Tap the arrow on Earnings bar on the right of the amount

Step 2: Go to Balnce and navigate to the previous week.

Note the Ending balance of 10k. This is what you should be expecting to be paid out to you on Monday of the current week.

For further payment queries, send a mail to Lagos@taxify.eu

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