Account usage

Drivers are only allowed to use the account that has their own name on profile and be in cars that are on driver profile in the app.

If we receive client reports that drivers show up in different cars or are actually other drivers altogether – you account will be blocked without any possibility to get it back.

Do not use your Taxify Driver account on another car, or let someone else use your account!


Ratings are checked every forty trips and need to stay above 4.5 on average in order to stay in the system. If the average rating goes below that your account will be temporarily blocked.
Upon second auto-block your account will remain blocked.

Not responding/rejecting orders

Driver rules state that you may not reject more than 25% of the trips. Not responding to a client also lowers your activity score and my block your account. Make sure to supply as much service to riders to keep your account in good standings.

General guidelines for operating on the platform 

  • DO NOT answer your phone whilst on trip
  • Customer service and safety must always come first, please try not to get angry or hostile towards riders (even the rude ones)
  • You have to make it a 1st priority to return lost items as soon as possible (and DO NOT charge the rider for this)
  • Under no circumstances may you drop off a rider on the side of the road; either you return the rider to the pick-up point or proceed to the destination
  •  On party nights, please take extra care of the condition of your car

Tips for boosting your ratings

  • Having bottled water in your car
  • Keeping some mints or sweets in the car
  • Having an AUX cable has proven to make many riders happier
  • Bring some antiperspirant roll-on or spray with you in the car for use at regular intervals
  • Making sure that you always ask the rider if they would like the aircon or the radio to be switched on/off
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