Understand your earnings via your Driver App

The earnings view shows data related to the driver's earnings. This view has 3 different tabs:

  1. The Balance tab shows your starting balance and current balance.
  2. The Revenue tab shows your revenue and bonuses

 3) The NET tab shows your earnings excluding Taxify's commission.

All of these tabs can be toggled to show the data of current week, past weeks or past 3 months. You can also see different days separately by tapping on the bars representing them.

Other common questions on Driver Earnings

When will I receive my driver bonuses? 

Driver bonuses are typically added to driver earnings within 1 hour of the bonuses being earned. These are then paid alongside your regular driver earnings. To learn more about when drivers receive their earnings, please click here.

When will I receive my compensation top-up applied to my earnings during periods when riders are receiving a rider discount?

The Compensation payments used to reimburse you for the discounts given by Taxify to Riders is added to your Driver earnings when you receive your weekly balance from Taxify. These compensation payments will therefore not be displayed after you complete each trip, and will be shown in an aggregated form at the end of the week. 

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