If you are involved in an emergency such as a car crash, you must:

  1. Stop the car immediately and give as much help as possible to anyone involved
  2. Call emergency services by dialling 000 and requesting police and ambulance
  3. Once the area is safe, report the incident to Taxify by contacting us via the Driver app, our website or by email at sydney@taxify.eu.

While waiting for emergency services, clear the area of any danger. Protect the area to make sure the safety of others is not endangered, or that another crash does not occur. This includes removing obstructions and debris. Whilst doing this, ensure your personal safety at all times. 

The Police may attend crashes depending on the severity. If they don’t arrive, you must report the crash to police within 24 hours where either your vehicle or another vehicle needs to be towed away, if there is damage to property or injury to animals.

Provide us with thorough information. When reporting the incident to us, provide as much information as you can, including any photos and videos. We'll follow up the incident to make sure everyone is okay.

The Taxify Team would like to thank you for assisting us with keeping our roads safe.

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