To pickup passengers from the airport, all drivers must have an eTAG in their cars in order to access designated pick-up zones. eTAG accounts should have sufficient credit balance. 

Sydney Airport has designated waiting and pick-up areas for drivers to pick-up passengers after they have accepted a trip request. Drivers must use these zones, and follow all other airport transport rules (e.g. many of the roads at Sydney Airport are designated ‘No Stopping’ areas unless otherwise signed), or risk being fined by airport authorities. Further information on these zones can be found on the Sydney Airport or Taxify support websites.

When your vehicle is charged a fee at the airport during a trip (e.g. to access the pick-up zone at Domestic Airport), the amount will be automatically added to your fare. Fees are charged to riders and reimbursed to you, as detailed to you in your payment statement.

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