Drivers should be active and consistent in maintaining vehicle cleanliness in order to promote quality service and ensure a safe, comfortable trip for riders. 

Staining caused by riders and process to be followed by drivers

During a journey, if a rider stains your car because of vomiting, food/drink spills, soiled clothing or baggage, the rider is responsible for covering the costs of cleaning. Taxify will recover the costs from the rider and reimburse these costs to the driver. 

When a staining incident occurs, drivers should report it to Taxify immediately through the app and provide us with the following:

  • Details of the ride (time, date, passenger)
  • Pictures of damage/staining (please take at least 3 different pictures close-up and afar) 

After reporting the incident, drivers should then get their cars cleaned and send us a receipt via the app or by email to The receipt should contain:

  • the name and ABN details of the car cleaning company
  • the services provided (i.e. car-cleaning) and the cost of the service 

Car cleaning partners

Taxify has partnered with 2 car cleaning companies to help clean your vehicle. They operate around the clock and are located in Belmore and Haberfield as follows:

Taxify has negotiated special cleaning rates for our drivers:  

General hand carwash (interior and exterior)            

  • Sedan - $20 
  • SUV - $25

Special purpose hand carwash (due to vomiting, spills or other forms of staining)

  • Sedan - $70 
  • SUV - $80

To enjoy the pricing above, just log into the driver app and show your driver profile to the cleaning attendant. After the carwash, be sure to obtain a receipt before you leave and send a copy to us. 

Other car cleaning companies

Drivers may also use another car-wash provider if they wish to do so for vomiting, spills or other forms of staining. However, since Taxify has managed to secure the special pricing for Taxify drivers as listed above, Taxify may only reimburse drivers up to a maximum of $80 from 18 January 2018 onwards. 

We encourage all drivers to visit our car cleaning partners where possible.  

Rider complaints  

If we receive multiple complaints from riders that your car is excessively dirty, Taxify may require you to get your vehicle cleaned before allowing you to pick up more riders. In such cases, the cleaning costs will be borne by the driver.

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