1. Enter your zip code to determine if you’re eligible for courier pickup (we’re only servicing the Austin and Houston areas at the moment, and plan to expand to other cities soon).

  2. Enter account information and schedule a pickup.

  3. Enter your address and preferred payment method on the tracking page.

  4. Gather all of your items! A Backflip representative will make a pickup from you during your pickup appointment. Backflip accepts all items that weigh under 30 lbs each.

  5. Once Backflip has received your items, the team will evaluate the condition and provide you an offer within 5 business days. Individual items valued at $20 or less may receive a $0 offer, and can be recycled, donated, or returned to you for free.

  6. Items must fit in our gold and white bins in the trunk of a small sedan.

Whether you accept or decline your offers, all pickups are subjected to a $9 service fee. This fee will be deducted from your offers.

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