Who can I invite?

Your referral must be a new customer who has never previously created a backflip account.

Is there a limit to who I can invite?

On your first sale, you can earn up to $200 by inviting 20 friends. Each friend must complete their pickup before a payout will occur.

How will I be paid?

Just like your own sale to Backflip, you have 3 options for how you can receive your payout: Direct Deposit, Debit Card, or an Amazon Gift Card. Once your referral completes a sale, you'll be sent payment via your selected payment method.

How do I refer?

Log into your account and go to your referral tab. Just click "Get $10 per Invite" and you'll be able to share to your social media accounts. Or, input your friends' email addresses and they'll receive an invitation with your referral code that will be automatically applied to their first sale. We now offer and SMS share if you are on your phone.

*Any fraudulent activity will result in a permanent ban from using Backflip.

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