We want to make Backpack Health available for everyone to use. That means all of our functionality, features, and access to a better way to manage your health information are free! Free for everyone - all the time.

Once you sign up for Backpack health - you get all of our features free of charge. That’s right!


  • Build your profile using a comprehensive dictionary of clinical and everyday health terms 
  • Accessible on the web, iOS or Android devices - even offline


  • Add profiles for your children, parents, friends - anyone you care for
  • Invite others to co-manage loved ones’ profiles
  • Add up to 50GB of files, videos, documents, and more!


  • Select specific details from profiles to build Share Cards - easily converted to PDFs for sharing
  • Choose who has access to your emergency info so it’s available when they need it most
  • Use Share Card URLs to create always up-to-date links of your health information, or engrave it onto your medical jewelry


  • Manage health information in your native language
  • Access your information from anywhere, even without internet connection
  • Easily translate your Share Card information into other languages
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