The Groups feature in Backpack Health is all about community. Users can search for and join Groups that are relevant to their health. Likewise, administrators can set up Groups on Backpack Health to bring together communities of people around a condition or a common interest. 

This document will help you get started in setting up your Group on Backpack Health. If you have any questions about the group setup process, contact your Backpack Health project manager.

Sample Group Join Page

When your Group is set up on Backpack Health, this is how the Join page will appear. 

Your Group will have a unique join link that you can share, post, etc.

Group Name

Please choose a name that you would like to appear on the Group Join page and on the Group Share Card (shown here). 

We recommend a full name, not acronyms, for the Group name. 

For example, the name of this group is
Marfan and Related Disorders International Patient Registry.

Group Subdomain URL

A group’s Subdomain Name can be different from the Group Name. All subdomains include 

If your group name is very long, we recommend making your subdomain shorter but still identifiable as the group. 

For example, if your Group name is Nutrition for Families, your subdomain could be, or 


Default Language: EN is always the default language unless otherwise specified

Supported Languages: Select from these which languages you will support

  • EN
  • ES
  • DE
  • FR
  • PT
  • IT

Please Note:  

For all supported languages, you will need to provide translated content for the join pages, group info, group-specific Share Card content, Resources, etc. 

Backpack will provide translated content within the app – app text, medical terms, app instructions, etc.

Contact Details

Contact information is optional, but we highly recommend including at least a URL. 

Contact details will appear on the Info tab in the app.

Your Group’s Contact Info

  • URL: 
  • Contact Email: 
  • Contact Phone: 
  • Facebook: 
  • Twitter: 

Icon and Color

Please share an icon with us that best fits your organization. Many groups choose to share some variation of their logo. 

Images must be a SQUARE between 300x300 and 1600x1600 pixels. PNG and JPEG files only, please. 

Please share your group’s primary color in HEX#.  If no color is provided, our designers will select one. 

Group Description 

The description is used on the Group Join page to introduce what the Group is all about. For a sample Group description, please see above.

Markdown formatting is supported for this field. Visit for more info.

Markdown is a system that allows you to make formatting changes to your text. The types of markdown that Backpack currently supports are the following: heading, subheading, bold, italics, regular text, unordered list, ordered list, and web links.

Please provide a group description in each of the languages you have chosen to support. 

Eligibility Statement 

The eligibility statement describes who should join the Group.  It is also intended to keep people from joining the Group who do not belong. 

Markdown formatting is supported for this field. 

For a sample eligibility statement, please see above.

Please provide an eligibility statement in each of the languages you have chosen to support. 

Search Keywords 

The search keywords are how a user will find your Group on Backpack Health if they are not coming from the main Group join link. 

Group Name is automatically included in search keywords. 

Please provide a comma separated list of the various terms that a user could search for to find your Group. For example: Marfan, Marfan syndrome, Loeys-Dietz, LDS, connective tissue.

Please provide a separate list of keywords for each of the languages you have chosen to support. 

Suggested & Curated Medical Terms (coming soon)

When a group member enters a health entry into Backpack Health, they are provided suggested terms that the group administrators have identified as particularly relevant for the Group.  Members may choose from this list of suggestions, or they may search the millions of medical terms in Backpack Health to find what they need.

In addition to suggested terms, groups can identify curated terms.  These are terms that rise to the top of the results when a user performs a search, making them easier to find. 

Categories of medical terms that sometimes benefit from group-specific suggestions in Backpack Health include condition or symptom, medication, treatment or therapy, procedure or surgery, measurement, or genetic result.  

It is recommended that you only include a handful of suggested terms for each category (e.g., 10-15).

Please provide a comma separated list of the various suggested and/or curated medical terms that a group member might wish to add as health entries. 

Group Share Card Content

Groups can specify content that members can choose to include on their Share Cards. 

For example, groups can make available to their members standardized content for the Emergency Share Card that provides key information related to symptoms, treatment, etc. for emergency personnel.

Or, groups can provide a general overview of a condition that members can include on a Share Card for non-specialist providers, school personnel, etc.  

Group Admins can add/edit/remove this content at any time, and markdown formatting is supported.  

We recommend that you provide any group-specific Share Card content in each of the languages that Backpack offers, regardless of the languages you have chosen to support. This is to allow all users to translate this information in case of emergency, international travel, etc. Backpack Health can provide recommendations for translation resources if necessary. 

Group Resources

While general info related to your group is available within the “Info” tab (e.g., contact info, social links, etc.), you may also include more detailed content in your group’s “Resources” tab.  This is a great spot to link to guides, brochures, timelines, decision trees – anything that would be useful to your community.      

Markdown formatting is supported.  

Please provide any Resources content in each of the languages you have chosen to support. 

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