Easy! Through our secure online booking system - just follow the instructions below to securely book your ideal room now:

  1. Open a conversation with the lister of the room you want to book;
  2. Once you’ve decided it’s the right room for you, enter the conversation and tap or click on “Request to book”;
  3. From there, just follow the instructions to send the booking request, if the lister accepts, you’re good to go!

▶︎Alternatively, a lister who you’ve matched with can send you a booking request, in which case, you just have to accept it! 

Once the booking request is confirmed by both you and the lister, the booking amount agreed between you both in the booking request will be immediately transferred to us. 

We will then safely hold the amount until 24 hours have passed after the moving-in day.

If everything goes smoothly, we’ll transfer the amount to the lister. This way you have 24 hours to check everything is as it should be with your new room and flatmates.



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