❗️Here are best care practices and safety information for taking good care of your battery and following safety precautions:

  • Do not immerse or submerge the battery in water or any other liquids and prevent it from getting wet.

  • Do not use or charge the battery under high temperatures. 

  • Do not allow the battery near a fire.

  • Do not disassemble the battery.

  • Do not touch/short circuit the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

  • Store the battery inside in a dry, safe environment.

  • For long term storage, keep the battery at around ~50% charged, and check on the battery once a month. If necessary, charge the battery back to approximately 50% partial charge state every month or two while not using your battery.

  • When storing your battery, make sure to always store the battery unplugged from the charger, disconnected from your bike, and if applicable in the off-position.  

These safety measures and care practices will help give your battery a long life and provide power to your ebike on many rides 🚵🏽 !

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