The Parallel Battery Connector Cable allows you to connect two of the SAME VOLTAGE BATTERIES to increase your total Amp hours and range. (Example: If you have two 48V 17.5Ah batteries, this connector will allow you to install and use both batteries on your bike with your motor kit for a total of 35Ah of 48V capacity!

The preferred way to use the parallel battery connector:

1) You can charge both batteries then connect both batteries in the on positions with the parallel battery connector, so that they are both powering the motor at the same time.

Another option:

2) You can use one battery in the on position and one in the off position. When the one battery is fully drained, you can then turn off that battery and turn on the other battery to then power your motor.

🚧 ⚠️ How the Parallel Battery Connector should NEVER be used because it can cause damage:

If you are not using both batteries at the same time in the on position and decide to use one battery at a timem the one drained battery should never be turned to the on position when connected to the fully charged battery in the on position. This will not charge the drained battery or equalize the voltage between the batteries. This voltage difference between the two batteries can cause damage to the drained battery's BMS.

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